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21 Virtual Cybersecurity Events To Attend This Fall and Winter

  • 12 October 2021

Tessian’s mission is to secure the human layer by empowering people to do their best work, without security getting in their way.

This list of cybersecurity events is updated every month and includes in-person events, virtual summits, and one-off webinars.

Highlights for fall/winter include:

Keep reading for more 17 more events, and to learn more about each (including speakers, sessions, cost, and how to sign-up).

SANS Webcast(s) – Ongoing

If you don’t already know, SANS hosts daily webinars (sometimes several a day!). Topics include network security, insider risk management, to social engineering, bug bounties, risk management frameworks, ransomware, and more.

Better still, these webinars are hosted by and feature some of security’s most prolific trailblazers like Dough Graham, AJ Yawn, Russel Eubanks, and more.

Cost to Attend: Free

Core BTS Security Conference, October 12, 2021

The Core BTS Security Conference focuses on fundamental cybersecurity issues as they relate to today’s threat landscape.

This conference will provide practical sessions aimed at security and business executives, security architects, and data security managers. Subjects for panels and sessions include ransomware, zero-trust, and third-party risk.

Speakers include Nat Smith, Senior Director Analyst at Gartner, Microsoft’s Chris Reinhold, and Leo Wentline, Director of Tech Support & Services at KidsPeace.

Cost: Free

Virtual Cybersecurity & Fraud Summit: Toronto, October 12-13, 2021

This conference from the Information Security Media Group (ISMG) offers a global perspective on the intersection between fraud and cybersecurity.

On the agenda are fraud and breach prevention, zero-trust security, connected devices, and many more contemporary security issues.

Speakers include Taher Elgamal, CTO Security at Salesforce, Nicole Ford, CISO and VP at Carrier, and Karim Rajwani, SVP and COO, Financial Crimes Risk Management at Scotiabank.

Cost: Free

SecureWorld Texas Virtual Conference: October 14, 2021

SecureWorld’s Texas conference turns digital with 20+ educational sessions aimed at security professionals of all levels of experience. Learn about zero-trust, security validation, the intersection between security and privacy, and more.

Speakers include Nancy Rainosek, CISO for the State of Texas, Eve Maler, CTO at ForgeRock, and Jon Ehret, VP Strategy & Risk at RiskRecon (Mastercard).

DevSecCon London — October 20-21, 2021

Integrating security into development is a critical front in the battle against cybercrime. DevSecCon showcases new ideas and approaches in DevSecOps—the collaboration of DevOps and security. 

2021’s agenda is still in development—but expect some big industry names discussing issues from supply chain to customer experience.

Cost to attend: TBA

Women in Cybersecurity: A Special Careerbuilder Event — October 21, 2021

This event from George Washington University aims to champion female leaders in cybersecurity and help more women enter into this flourishing industry.

Panelists include Teri Takai, Vice President at the Center for Digital Government, and Lydia Payne-Johnson, Director of IT Security, Information Management, and Risk at George Washington University.

Cost: Free

Virtual Houston CyberSecurity Conference — October 21, 2021

Aimed at C-suite executives and CISOs, FutureCon’s Virtual House CyberSecurity Conference will offer talks and guidance on how to tackle the global cybercrime epidemic.

Speakers include Brian Contos VP & CISO Mandiant Advantage, Rachel Arnold “The Human API,” and Jonathan Kimmitt, Chief Information Security Officer at the University of Tulsa.

And if you drink on weekdays (no judgment here), there’s even a private CISO happy hour featuring blind bourbon tasting at 5 pm CDT.

Cost: $100

VIRTUAL Eastern CyberSecurity Conference — October 28, 2021

FutureCon’s VIRTUAL Eastern CyberSecurity Conference is for advanced cybersecurity professionals and includes training in cutting-edge tech to fight cyber threats.

Sessions include a keynote on success as a cybersecurity leader, how to stop cyber threats against remote workers, and best practices in PAM security and data privacy.

Speakers include Keith O’Sullivan, SVP, Chief Information Security Officer at Standard Industries, Otavio Freire, CTO and Co-Founder at SafeGuard Cyber, and Anthony Johnson Managing Partner at Delve Risk. 

Cost: Free

Tessian Human Layer Security Summit — November 4, 2021

Tessian’s 6th Summit will provide insights from top CISOs, Infosec leaders, and cyber visionaries leading with the new wave of Human Layer Security. 

From fighting phishing to building a high-impact security culture, speakers will offer practical solutions to help protect employees from themselves using cutting-edge technical and organizational solutions.

The event will benefit anyone involved in securing your organization—from data protection officers to CISOs.

Speakers include Tim Sadler, CEO and Co-Founder of Tessian, James McQuiggan, Security Awareness Advocate at KnowBe4, and Eugene Lim, Associate Cybersecurity Specialist, GovTech Singapore.

Learn more about the speakers and sessions here.

Cost: Free

CyberSec&AI Connected 2021 — November 4-5, 2021

AI is everywhere—and governments are increasingly keen to regulate it. But AI cybersecurity is an aspect of AI that many people overlook.

Take the upcoming EU AI Regulation—many AI providers will need to provide an assessment of the security of their AI systems. But few people understand the implications of this requirement.

The CyberSec&AI Connected conference will consider important issues in the AI context, like differential privacy, bias, and advanced persistent threats.

Speakers include Alessandro Acquisti, Professor at Carnegie Mellon University, Jaya Baloo

Chief Information Security Officer at Avast, and Nicholas Carlini, Research Scientist at Google Brain

Cost to attend: €130 (standard), with discounts for groups, students, and academics.

Black Hat Europe 2021 — November 8, 2021

Black Hat Europe is the European iteration of the Black Hat Briefings—a day filled with 30-40-minute cutting-edge presentations on security.

The Black Hat Briefings have been running for over 24 years. These briefings are a chance for computer security leaders to share insights into the latest research, developments, and issues across industries.

See you there!

Cost to attend: TBA

InfoSec World Digital — November 9-10, 2021

InfoSec World Digital features a broad range of sessions aimed at cybersecurity professionals of all levels, including cloud security, risk mitigation, and privacy.

The event offers opportunities for learning, networking, and—of course—earning CPE credits.

Speakers include Robert Herjavec Cybersecurity Expert & CEO of Herjavek Group, Cathy Lanier, SVP & Chief of Security at the NFL, and Roland Cloutier, TikTok Global CSO.

Cost: $545

Miami Cybersecurity Conference — November 9-10, 2021

Data Connectors brings together industry leaders for a day of cybersecurity training and discussion, covering topics such as the state of secure identity, remote work, and rethinking data protection in the age of ransomware.

Speakers include Merritt Baer. Principal Security Architect at Amazon Web Services, Jameeka Green Aaron, CISO at Auth0, and James J.W. Grant, Chief Information Officer of the State of Florida.

Cost: Free

Hack In Paris 2021 — November 15-19, 2021

Hack in Paris is a two-part event. From November 15-17, there are training sessions delivered by CISOs, CIOs, and other experts. Then between November 18-19, there are talks and workshops.

This year’s schedule has yet to be announced, but the conference has been running for a decade and remains popular. Last year featured sessions on harnessing AI to accelerate machine exploits, hacking GPS trackers, and IoT reverse engineering.

Cost to attend: €144.00 for the conference (early bird and student discounts available), with individual prices for training sessions.

CyberSecure — November 16-17, 2021

CyberSecure is run by MIT Technology Review and this November the focus is on ransomware.

The best defense against ransomware is taking a coordinated approach to developing your cyber-resilience. CyberSecure will explore how to take the first steps, incorporate AI into your security toolkit, and ensure your ransomware program is financially efficient.

Speakers include Sandra Joyce, EVP, Head of Global Intelligence at FireEye Mandiant, Timothy Brown, CISO & Vice President of Security at SolarWinds, Caroline Wong, Chief Strategy Officer at Cobalt.

Cost: $650

Cyber Security and Cloud Expo Amsterdam — November 23-24, 2021

The Cyber Security and Cloud Expo in Amsterdam is a large exposition covering areas such as security strategy, data protection, identity and trust, and more.

The in-person event is followed by virtual content between November 30 – December 1 for those unable to attend in-person.

Speakers include Angelos Varthalitis, CISO at Transdev Netherlands, Ariel Lemelson, Head of Cyber Detection & Response at, and Daniela Almeida Lourenço, BISO at

Cost: Expo pass: Free; Day 1 or 2 Gold Pass: €499; Both Days Gold Pass: €699; Ultimate Pass: €949; Virtual Pass: €299

Canada West Region Virtual Cybersecurity Summit — November 23, 2021

This one-day conference brings together local CISOs and subject matter experts to deliver panels on a broad range of cybersecurity topics.

The event will feature sessions on supply chain and third-party risk management, compliance and automation in cybersecurity, managing insider threats, and much more.

Cost to attend: Free (subject to approval)

Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit EMEA — November 29–December 1, 2021 

Gartner’s EMEA security conference is available online this year and provides practical sessions for CISOs, security executives, risk management leaders, security architects and planners, and network, application, data security managers.

The summit offers a huge variety of sessions built around 12 tracks, focusing on topics such as business enablement, infrastructure protection strategies, security and technology architecture, and more.

Speakers include John Amaechi. Organizational Psychologist and Founder of APS, and a range of experts from Gartner, including Eric Ahlm, Mario de Boer, and Jon Amato.

Cost: Standard price: €1,275; Public-sector price: €850

Hybrid Identity Protection (HIP) Conference — December 1-2, 2021

Hybrid workplaces are becoming the norm, and holding some data in the cloud is almost ubiquitous among modern organizations.

With sessions on the future of cloud security, recovery in hybrid infrastructures, and deploying a zero-trust infrastructure, the Hybrid Identity Protection (HIP) Conference will help your security team learn cutting-edge techniques for protecting data in hybrid environments.

Speakers include Andy Greenberg, Senior Writer at WIRED, Juliet Okafor CEO & Founder at RevolutionCyber, and Holger Zimmermann, Technical Specialist – Security & Compliance at Microsoft.

Cost: Free

International Conference on Cyber Security and Privacy in Communication Networks (ICCS) 2021 — December 9-10, 2021

The International Conference on Cyber Security and Privacy in Communication Networks (ICCS) presents the latest research on cyberthreat analysis, privacy, and security from academia, government, and industry thinkers.

In the conference’s seventh year, delegates can expect talks on cloud security, databases security, digital signature techniques, and much more.

Cost to attend: Various prices, with discounts available for student and faculty staff, ranging from £35 GBP to £240 GBP.

Atlanta CyberSecurity Conference — December 15, 2021

FutureCon’s Atlanta CyberSecurity Conference will be held both in-person and online this year, and it aims to educate C-suite executives and CISOs on building cyber-resilient organizations that can thrive in the global cybercrime epidemic.

The conference features presentations from some major names in tech, including Cisco, Axio, and Bitglass.

Speakers include Kenneth Foster, Head Global Cyber Risk Governance Fiserv, and James Azar, Host of The CyberHub Podcast, CISO Talk

Cost: Virtual: $100; In-person: $200