Tessian recognized as ‘2018 Market Leader’ for Email and Data Protection

Tessian, a email security platform powered by machine learning algorithms, has been named a market leading product by leading cyber-security website Expert Insights.

Tessian utilizes powerful technologies to help businesses protect their sensitive data. Tessian works within the inbox, learning communication habits so that it can identify security threats. This means that Tessian offers strong protection against phishing attacks, misdirected emails and data loss.

Expert Insights, a B2B IT security review website, has named Tessian a ‘Market leader’ in this area. They state that Tessian gives businesses excellent protection against phishing. They recommend the service highly to businesses looking to protect themselves against misdirected emails and data loss.

Misdirected emails are one of the biggest challenges facing businesses. Sensitive emails being sent to the wrong people can have damaging effects on companies.

Services such as Tessian offer a unique solution to this problem. By getting to know an individual user’s communication habits, the product can tell when users have misdirected an email. The service will then alert the user and stop the email being sent. This also allows for strong Phishing protection from within the inbox, as the service can tell when an email isn’t legitimate and automatically delete it.

Tessian’s sophisticated features allow businesses to go beyond traditional email security methods and provide multi-layered protection against data loss. The risks of data loss for business will continue to grow and this product offers an intelligent solution.


Read the Expert Insights review of Tessian: https://www.expertinsights.com/reviews/tessian

About Tessian

Tessian is building the world’s first Human Layer Security platform to fulfil our mission to keep the world’s most sensitive data and systems private and secure. Using stateful machine learning to analyze historical email data, Tessian’s Parallax Engine can predict for this user, at this point in time, does this email look like a security threat?

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