Tessian Enforcer

Prevent the exfiltration of sensitive data to non-business and unauthorized email accounts.

How Tessian Enforcer works

Enforcer’s stateful machine learning retroactively analyzes historical enterprise email data in order to understand the difference between safe and unsafe emails being sent. By analyzing myriad data points within email headers, body text and attachment data, Enforcer can detect and prevent threats in real time with minimal disruption to employees and administrators.

Why world-leading enterprises invest in Enforcer

Mitigate risks

Organizations minimize the costs of regulatory sanctions, financial penalties and reputational damage by eliminating the threat of data exfiltration over email.

Intelligent policy-building

Because Tessian’s machine learning evolves and refines over time, system administrators don’t need to invest time configuring and reconfiguring complex lists of simplistic rules and managing reams of training data.

Simple reporting

Administrators can interrogate full audit logs of activity flagged by Enforcer. Customers can access insights on Tessian’s intuitive dashboard, which gives admins detailed insights into past and present email security threats in real time.

Seamless deployment

Integration and deployment can be completed in minutes, without the need for any pre-labelled training data or configuration. Enforcer is able to actively prevent data breaches 24 hours after installation.

Build trust

With Enforcer, organizations benefit from more confidence and trust, without needing to invest in costly legacy technologies or distracting training workshops.

Custom notifications

Administrators can choose which threats trigger different kinds of notification for employees. Tessian explains the reasons behind the alert to employees, increasing awareness and educating the workforce without impeding regular workflows.

Enforcer secures all enterprise email environments

Microsoft Office 365


Direct Outlook add-in


Gateway deployment