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Reclaiming Hours Lost to Cybersecurity Incidents

CISOs are overworked and missing important events in their personal lives due to work demands. How can technology help security teams claw back hours lost to security incidents?


Love For The CISO.

CISOs are superheroes.


They defend against evil threats and crime, protect organizations, and keep employees safe. But, like superheroes, CISOs need downtime.


They have a life outside of work too, but the problem is: they aren’t getting to spend as much time there as they’d like.



Work hard, play hard, work harder…

All CISOs we surveyed work beyond their contracted hours, with CISOs working, on average, 11 hours more than they’re contracted to each week. Nearly 1 in 10 work 20-24 hours more a week.


And when they’re home, they’re still “on”.


59% of CISOs struggle to always switch off from work once the working day is over and when we asked respondents what they would do if their schedule was cleared for the day, 13% of respondents would dedicate their time to catching up on pending work or researching ways to improve business operations at their organization.

"Security is hooked on heroics. We love the story of pulling all-nighters and the story of heroes saving the day. But to avoid burnout, there needs to be a shift. Adopt an anti-heroics stance, recognize that heroics are a failure condition."

Josh Yavor, CISO at Tessian 🚀


Resolving the “Oh Sh*t!” Moments Takes Time

We conducted a survey of 317 security risk managers with analyst house Forrester, which revealed that investigating and remediating threats caused by human error are taking up a significant amount of CISOs’ time.


According to the Forrester Consulting Study, organizations spend up to 600 hours per month resolving employee-related email security incidents.


A quarter of respondents say they spend 9-12 hours investigating and remediating each threat caused by human error, while more than one in 10 spend more than a day. It’s no wonder 34% of CISOs we surveyed say they spend excessive time on triaging and investigation.


Half of organizations experience at least 6 employee-related email security incidents per month.


Why? Because existing email security solutions can’t stop every threat.


What Else is Taking Up Time?

But that’s not the only thing CISOs are spending too much time on…


38% believe they’re spending too much time in departmental meetings and reporting to the board on cybersecurity.


And a third (33%) also feel as though they are being drained of time because of administrative tasks.


Conversely, 38% said they are spending too little time on their own career development, attending non-departmental meetings to collaborate with other parts of the business, researching new trends in the industry and communicating with customers. They also feel as though they aren’t spending enough time hiring new talent.


Work Demands Keep Play at Bay

As a result of their demanding day jobs, CISOs are missing out on important events and family holidays, and are even putting their health at risk by skipping workouts or missing doctor’s appointments.

“As security leaders, we need to do a better job of communicating capacity constraints. As long as we’re communicating effectively, I’m accountable for ensuring that my team is committed to reasonable expectations around delivery of work.”

Josh Yavor, CISO at Tessian 🚀


Reclaiming The Hours Lost to “Oh Sh*t!” Moments


It’s clear that CISOs love their jobs and are dedicated to their work. But they’re overworked. So how can they use technology to free up time?


Tessian data shows that by automating security to prevent security threats on email like accidental data loss, data exfiltration, advanced spear phishing attacks, and business email compromise, an enterprise with 1,000+ employees can get back 26,357 hours in a year.


What would you do with that time back in your calendar?


When we asked CISOs what they would do if their schedules were cleared, some would be committed to driving even more business value for their organization. After spending time with their families, tasks related to bettering business strategies or finding ways to benefit their organization were top of mind. And 10% would spend it resting or sleeping…we don’t blame you!