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Automatically stop data breaches and security threats caused by employees on email. Powered by machine learning, Tessian detects anomalies in real-time, integrating seamlessly with your email environment within minutes and starting protection in a day. Provides you with unparalleled visibility into human security risks to remediate threats and ensure compliance.

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Solution Briefs

Microsoft + Tessian: Comprehensive Email Security

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Solution Briefs

Microsoft + Tessian: Comprehensive Email Security

Secure Email Gateways (SEGs) have become redundant, and don’t offer protection against advanced social engineering based attacks, insider threats, or accidental data loss. That’s why many organizations are leveraging Tessian +Microsoft for comprehensive email security.


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  • Why SEGs are no longer fit for purpose
  • Which capabilities SEGs and M365 both offer, and where there are gaps
  • How Tessian protects against advanced threats, reduces SOC burden, and reinforces security awareness training
  • What customers have to say about legacy solutions vs Tessian