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Automatically stop data breaches and security threats caused by employees on email. Powered by machine learning, Tessian detects anomalies in real-time, integrating seamlessly with your email environment within minutes and starting protection in a day. Provides you with unparalleled visibility into human security risks to remediate threats and ensure compliance.

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Insider Threats

Stop Insider Threats From Compromising Data Security

Over a quarter of data loss incidents are caused by malicious insiders. Easily identify and mitigate insider threats, in real-time, and safeguard sensitive information with Tessian. 



Insider Threats: The Greatest Hidden Risk in the Enterprise


Organizations often focus their security efforts on threats from outside. But increasingly, it’s people inside the organization who cause data breaches. People and vendors who currently, and use to, work for your organization have legitimate access to your networks and systems, and can either deliberately exfiltrate data for personal gain, or accidentally leak sensitive information.









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Email Data Loss Prevention: The Rising Need for Behavioral Intelligence
New research from the Ponemon Institute reveals that nearly 60% of organizations experienced data loss or exfiltration on email in the last 12 months. Learn more.

Detect and Prevent Data Exfiltration From Insider Threats

  • Prevent Insiders from Exfiltrating Sensitive Information on Email
    Proactively stop sensitive information from leaving your environment via email. Tessian analyzes historical email data to understand content, context, and communication patterns, and analyzes all outbound emails in real-time for sensitive data exfiltration.
  • Gain Greater Visibility into Insider Risk
    Automated behavioral intelligence enables SOC teams to quickly find and report the key areas of insider risk, spot trends, and identify where and how to improve employee email behavior. Easily measure how employee behavior changes over time and present results to company executives and board members as evidence of technology reducing risk.
  • Improve Behaviors and Build a Strong Security Culture
    When negligent or malicious email behavior is detected, Tessian delivers educational warnings to remind end-users of existing security policies. Over time, this real-time reinforcement builds self-efficacy and helps reduce exfiltration attempts.

Stop Insider Threats, Save Time, Build a Smart Security Culture

Prevent Insiders From Sending Sensitive Data Over Email


Automatically prevent data exfiltration to people’s personal, unauthorized, and non-business accounts. Tessian analyzes millions of data points for every outbound email and detects anomalies that indicate data exfiltration before it leaves your organization, rather than investigating incidents after a data breach.


  • Get visibility of data exfiltration attempts and quantify the number of data breaches prevented
  • Easily access actionable insights at the employee and department level to take quick preventative action
  • Significantly reduce your security team’s investigation workload with automated intelligence providing context on the security events detected


End to End Visibility of Email Risk Through to Impact


Understand and report the key areas of risk to properly allocate security budgets and resources:


  • Do more than report risk. With Tessian’s cybersecurity dashboards, you can measure the impact of in-the-moment coaching, and tailored policies, and present results to company executives and board members as evidence of technology reducing risk.
  • Detailed reporting and audit logs provide defensible proof against data breaches.
  • Make informed decisions and take the right interventions with intelligent mitigation action recommendations.


Greater Visibility and Comprehensive Reporting


Tessian’s Cloud Email Security Platform offers insights and automated intelligence that enable rapid investigation of security events detected and prevented. Security and IT teams can use the remediation tools built within the platform to lower their organization’s risks in specific threat categories – accidental data loss, data exfiltration, and impersonation attacks.


  • Comprehensive visibility into email risk, high priority threats, user behavior, and risk drivers specific to your organization.
  • Significantly reduce investigative burden on security teams with context-enriched event data and detailed breakdown of security events prevented by Tessian.
  • Respond faster with robust threat mitigation tools and shared intelligence that strengthen your security posture today and into the future.


Coach End-Users Towards Safer Security Behaviors


Tessian warnings act as in-the-moment security awareness coaching for end-users, continuously educating them about threats, reinforcing company policies on data sharing, and coaching them on safe email behavior. Automatically build individualized policies at scale to reduce high-risk email use and track trends in unsafe activity over time.


  • In-the-moment coaching educates and empowers end-users to act safely on tools like email
  • Exfiltration incidents are reduced as end-users learn more about data security and are made aware when they are about to send an unauthorized email.



The Ultimate Guide to Data Loss Protection
Your data loss prevention tools and strategy are critical to the safe running of your business. Read our guide to minimizing the risk of confidential or business-critical data leaving an organization.

Learn More About Managing Insider Threats with Tessian Cloud Email Security

  • Mitigate Insider Threats with Tessian Cloud Email Security
    Tessian’s Cloud Email Security Platform enables organizations to effectively identify, manage and mitigate insider threats in real-time.


  • Risk Management, Made Easy
    With a unified view of risk and granular visibility into risk areas, SRM leaders are now able to make informed decisions and proactively customize remedial actions at scale to protect employees and prevent data breaches.


  • Tessian Platform Overview
    Tessian prevents email threats like spear phishing, accidental data loss, data exfiltration and other non-compliant email activity. This document outlines the impact of employee error on email and how our technology protects businesses from these unique threats.


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