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Automatically stop data breaches and security threats caused by employees on email. Powered by machine learning, Tessian detects anomalies in real-time, integrating seamlessly with your email environment within minutes and starting protection in a day. Provides you with unparalleled visibility into human security risks to remediate threats and ensure compliance.

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Threat Visibility

Amplify Your Email Security with Granular Threat Visibility & Analytics.

Gain complete visibility into email threats and optimize incident investigation for your SecOps and SoC teams with Tessian Human Layer Security Intelligence.



Get Multi-Layer Threat Insights.

  • Individual

    Specific and personalized threat insights at the individual level with in-the-moment contextual education.

  • Administrator

    Actionable administrative insights to track and stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape.

  • Global Benchmarks

    Benchmark your risk profile with global industry peers using the Tessian Global Threat Network.

The Challenge:


No Persistent Visibility:

90% of all data breaches start with an email, yet 48% of organizations have no visibility over email phishing attacks. Most threat visibility tools only offer point-in-time insights.


Risky Legacy Tools:

Organizations that rely on legacy email security tools like secure email gateways (SEGs) have no fine-grain visibility of how they’re being attacked, who is being attacked, and how often.


No Continuous Compliance:

Human mistakes are the number one cause of data loss. Poor visibility into data loss events equals compliance risk. Lack of visibility into threat actors limits remedial measures and results in a broken compliance enforcement model.

The Tessian Advantage:


Comprehensive Visibility in a Single Pane of Glass:

Identify all the people-centric security threats related to your email environment and view them in a single dashboard for easy remediation. Get complete insight into accidental data loss, insider threats, advanced phishing attacks, and zero-day threats facing your organization and prevented by Tessian. See how Tessian detects sophisticated social engineering attacks and hard-to-detect insider threats →


Threat Insights for Rapid Investigation:

With Tessian, visibility is not a passive function. With granular and automated insights into all email threats and prioritization, Tessian allows you to investigate, remediate faster and exercise greater control over your email infrastructure and protect your employees. Find out more about Tessian HLS Intelligence →


Robust Tools for Threat Remediation:

Group similar threats and burst attacks and prioritize high-risk emails so that administrators can remediate multiple events with a single click. Central roll-up for SecOps and SoC teams. Post-delivery clawback and one-click action on flags.

Achieve Speed & Scale in Your Email Security with Tessian.
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What Can You Do With Better Threat Visibility?


Identify at-risk employees (most attacked, most phished, data exfiltrators, non-compliant actors) in your organization and take additional security measures to protect them.

Powered by machine learning and heuristics, Tessian can automatically identify attack trends early, so that organizations are not caught unawares after a breach.

In-the-moment warnings educate employees about the threat, remind them of security policies and help nudge them towards safer behavior, empowering them to be your strongest security defense.

Continuous protection for your employees that enables you to drive down your organization’s human layer risks.



Third-Party Integrations for Closed-Loop Security.
Tessian can ingest data through an API from cloud and on-premises email platforms and can integrate with third-party SIEM and SOAR tools to centralize and triage security events.
See Tessian Human Layer Security Intelligence in Action.
Learn more about how Tessian Human Layer Security Intelligence (HLS-I) surfaces rich insights into human behavior and automates investigation, remediation, and reporting.