Data exfiltration:
the danger of unauthorized emails.

Data exfiltration to non-business or personal email accounts is a significant security threat. Employees negligently sending sensitive information to personal or unauthorized email addresses, or engaging in malicious transfers of data, are placing their organizations at risk.

Legacy DLP and Secure Email Gateways do not stop data exfiltration.

Employees share highly sensitive information via email, and organizations have little control over where this information gets sent. Employees’ personal email accounts are insecure: their use breaches data protection regulation and customer confidentiality agreements. A single negligent employee or malicious insider poses a significant danger to the safety of an organization’s data.


64% of employees have admitted breaching GDPR by transferring data to personal email addresses.


100,000 unauthorized emails are sent every year in the average enterprise.


69% of organizations have experienced data loss caused by departing employees.

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