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Cloud Email Security

An AI-based approach to defending against advanced phishing threats
and protecting sensitive data on email.
  • Email-based threats are the #1 concern for security leaders

  • BEC incidents reported to the FBI since 2013
  • Average cost per breach of Phishing and BEC attacks
  • of infosec experts say email stores the most IP, PII & PHI

Advanced email threats bypass existing security

Tessian stops sophisticated email threats like BEC, ATO, and impersonation attacks that leverage modern tactics and procedures which bypass traditional email security controls.
“Tessian detects email impersonation and account takeover attacks, while protecting us from advanced threats that traditional email gateways miss.”
Anil, SOC Manager

Tessian stops
advanced email threats

Tessian uses behavioral analysis and artificial intelligence to detect and prevent email based attacks.
  • Defend against inbound email attacks

    Stop advanced email threats like BEC, domain spoofing, impersonations, image based attacks including QR codes and more.
  • Protect sensitive data loss on email

    Behavioral analysis to prevent employees from accidentally sending emails to the wrong people or exfiltrating sensitive data over email.
  • Respond to email incidents faster

    Hunt, investigate, and respond to email threats with the industry’s fastest search and remediation. Automate removal of end user reported threats.
  • Coach end users in-the-moment

    Empower users to make better security decisions with contextual warnings that teach them to assess risk and recognize potential threats.
“Tessian helps us address unintended data leaks and track data tagged with specific keywords without writing janky regular expressions. Uncomplicated and straightforward.”
Akhil Babel, Security Engineering at Klarna
“The Tessian wow factor is how quickly we can search to uncover a wider ranging email threat campaign, remediate all emails, and know that it's been addressed with just a few clicks ”
Steve Wingate, CISO Ventra Health
“With Tessian, we have a solution that improves user behaviors without disrupting their workday ”
Peter Messervy-Gross, CIO at LGL Group

How Tessian’s AI works

Complete cloud email security, deployed in minutes

Built to enhance Microsoft and Google email environments, Tessian is deployed in minutes through native API integrations with email providers.

Customer Stories

  • “Tessian is an important part of our overall security strategy and one solution that Rightmove employees can easily engage with to help keep them and the business safe from human error.”
    David Cray, Head of Customer Experience and Product Development, Rightmove
  • It just works. It is the only tool I’ve implemented that has had nothing but a positive response from lawyers.
    Ed Terry, Manager of Information Security, Caplin & Drysdale
  • Tessian catches the high-level phishing attacks. These are the ones that we can’t catch. The ones even IT has to really look for.
    Thierry Clerens, Global IT Manager, SPG Dry Cooling
    We see Tessian sitting alongside our existing security products, acting almost as an insurance policy. Set up to catch the small proportion of sophisticated attacks that other products miss.
    Erik Ruis, Head of IT, Polarcus
    With the new GDPR landscape, Tessian is a crucial component of our data breach prevention strategy. It proved its worth to us within a month of installation.
    Debbie Dolan, Operations Director, Morrisons Solicitors LLP
    We like that Tessian is more accurate and refined than any other tool we looked at to solve the problem of misaddressed emails
    Paul Greaney, Head of Information Technology, Vernalis
  • Tessian’s technology has transformed our security protocol. We used to manually monitor for personal addresses so we could ensure sensitive emails weren’t being sent outside of our organization. This process was laborious and not particularly effective, as it only looked at one potential security threat. This is a much more comprehensive and effective system.
    Kevin Strange, Head of Information Technology, Premier Miton Group
    Insurance professionals can only succeed if they have modern systems that enable timely and effective delivery of care. Tessian is a fantastic tool for enabling that fluidity of communication across the organization.
    Ian Brennan, Director of IT, Laya Healthcare
    They say security is a thankless job. But Tessian was the first security platform that we deployed across the organization where I personally received “thank you’s” from employees who would have made a mistake with potentially dire consequences, but didn’t because of Tessian.
    Elsa Ferreira, CISO, Evercore
    Tessian does what it says it does. Since deployment, we’ve seens a massive drop in security incidents and a massive drop in our risk.
    David Aird, IT Director, DAC Beachcroft LLP
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