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Account Takeover

An Account Takeover attack is a form of BEC and is typically the result of a Credential Theft attack. Unlike an impersonation attack, an Account Takeover is not a “look-alike” domain, but rather a legitimate business email that have been taken over by the bad actor using stolen credentials.
External Account Takeover

An External ATO is the result of an attacker compromising a trusted third-party partner or vendor leveraging a Credential Theft or BEC attack to continue the attack campaign by targeting the victims trusted external network for financial gain.

Internal Account Takeover

An Internal ATO is the result of an attacker successfully running a Credential Theft or BEC attack within the organization to gain access to an employees account so they can exfiltrate sensitive data or continue the attack campaign against the organization’s trusted external network

“Tessian stops email threats, including Phishing, Business Email Compromise and attacks which could lead to Ransomware or Credential theft on a daily basis. Without Tessian, these threats would've reached our end users.”
Jason Patterson, Sr Director; InfoSec, Compliance and Risk Management @ Nasuni

Simple stack that deploys in minutes

Tessian is built to augment Microsoft and Google, allowing you to enhance your investments and move beyond your secure email gateway. Tessian is deployed in minutes through native API integrations, add-ins or mail gateway. 
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