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Stop Sensitive Data Loss Over Email

Prevent misdirected email and data exfiltration

Stop the Full Spectrum of Email Risks

Employees sometimes email the wrong people and use email to exfiltrate data. But its security that bears the resulting compliance work.

Without an AI based approach that leverages behavior and content analysis - sensitive data will continue to slip through general purpose DLP software and secure email gateways.
““Data emailed to the wrong person” is the leading cause of data security breaches, accounting for 18% of all data security breaches”
According to the Information Commissioner’s Office
Prevent misdirected email with Tessian AI

Tessian AI uses relationship graphs, deep content inspection and behavioral analysis to understand typical employee behavior. That means your organization’s sensitive data is protected when the wrong recipient is auto-filled, or employees share the wrong attachment.

“Rules in Microsoft Purview don’t pick what Tessian does with behavior. Tessian flagged when the same person repeatedly emailed data to their personal address.”
Security Leader - Enterprise Financial Services
Stop exfiltration of client data and IP with machine learning

Tessian AI learns and maintains a robust understanding of employees’ normal behaviors by analyzing hundreds of data points on every email and its attachments.

Tessian  detects and prevent data exfiltration incidents on emails before they’re sent, while providing in the moment coaching to improve security awareness.

“Tessian doesn’t just prevent threats. It’s a platform that gives us data back and empowers our security team to refocus our security efforts and proactively change behavior.”
Security Leader - Enterprise Technology Firm
Augment Microsoft DLP

Combine Tessian’s AI-based classifiers with DLP controls like Microsoft Information Protection to increase effectiveness. Our highly configurable, intelligent policy engine allows you to define data classification conditions using both AI-based and logic to meet industry standards and compliance requirements.

“For our firm, Tessian gives us insight into patterns like email exfiltration, something we had limited visibility into before.”
Security Leader - Enterprise Financial Services
Gain board ready insights on email data loss prevention

With Tessian, you can investigate detailed logs that include event type, details, user and IP address for all email based data loss events.  Leverage automated reporting and intelligent insights on employee behavior on the Tessian Protect dashboard to easily quantify risk, track non-compliant activity and benchmark against peers.

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