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Protect against email misdelivery and exfiltration

“All big financial firms recognize that email is prone to human error. You either stop using email, or you find a product like Tessian that removes some of the risk.”
Rob Hyde, CISO
  • Email data loss is a critical business risk

  • or 4% of annual revenue for breaches of GDPR
  • of workers emailed the wrong person last year
  • time to remediate an email exfiltration incident

Protect against accidental data loss

Stop misdirected emails

Tessian AI uses behavioral and content analysis to warn users of an incorrect recipient before the email is sent.

Prevent misattached files

Tessian automatically warns users when the incorrect attachment has been added to an email, helping them remediate in real-time before sensitive information is inadvertently sent to the wrong person.

Eliminate insider risk over email

Automatic content and recipient classification

Automatic detection of legal, financial, HR terms, and sensitive documents while discovering personal email addresses beyond freemail domains.

Reinforce organizational policies in real time

Detect when sensitive or restricted data is being sent to unauthorized or freemail accounts, and block or ask users to justify their actions.

Customize to maximize protection

Create intelligent policies that blend machine learning with custom rules to prevent data loss while educating users in a non-intrusive way. The era of warning fatigue is over.

Insights that strengthen your email security

Tessian provides email insights, dashboards, and reporting so you can make better security decisions. Admins can view an up-to-date breakdown of phishing attacks, targeted users, time saved, and more.

Complete cloud email security, deployed in minutes

Built to enhance Microsoft and Google email environments, Tessian is deployed in minutes through native API integrations with email providers.

Better together

Tessian’s cloud email security platform provides full lifecycle email threat management by integrating deeply with your identity, SIEM, SOAR, and XDR platforms. These integrations allow you to get the most from your stack through empowering automated and connected workflows.
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