Proofpoint closes acquisition of Tessian.

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Partner with Tessian

The Tessian Partner Program delivers a profitable and predictable experience for your security practice. We offer a unique, human risk focused technology platform that solves customer email security and data protection challenges. We are a partner-first organization focused on ease of doing business, deal protection, and supporting your go-to-market motion.
  • Defend against inbound email attacks

    Tessian uses behavioral understanding and artificial intelligence to detect and prevent the full spectrum of email attacks.
  • Protect sensitive data from leaking via email

    Behavioral based detection to prevent employees from accidentally sending emails to the wrong people or exfiltrating sensitive data over email.
  • Respond to email incidents faster and more efficiently

    Hunt, investigate and respond to email threats with the industry’s fastest search and remediation. Automate removal of end user reported threats.
  • Coach end users in-the-moment

    Empower users to make better security decisions with contextual warnings that teach them to assess risk and recognize potential threats.
“Tessian provides an AI approach to phishing emails which is much more effective than other secure gateways like Mimecast and Office 365”
Steven Lockwood, Security Lead at Birketts LLP
“Tessian helps us address unintended data leaks and track data tagged with specific keywords without writing janky regular expressions. Uncomplicated and straightforward.”
Akhil Babel, Security Engineering at Klarna
“The Tessian wow factor is how quickly we can search to uncover a wider ranging email threat campaign, remediate all emails, and know that it's been addressed with just a few clicks ”
Steve Wingate, CISO Ventra Health
“With Tessian, we have a solution that improves user behaviors without disrupting their workday ”
Peter Messervy-Gross, CIO at LGL Group

The Tessian Advantage

Further enhance your security offerings and tools to better detect, prevent, and respond to human error by leveraging Tessian’s technology powered by machine learning and behavioral analytics.
  • Email Defense in Depth

    Combine Tessian and the SEG for stronger email security
  • Consolidate Email Security

    Combine Tessian with M365 or Google Workspace for Complete Cloud Email Security
  • Stop Sensitive Data Loss Over Email

    Prevent misdirected email and data exfiltration

Complete Cloud Email Security, Deployed in Minutes

Tessian is built to augment Microsoft and Google. Tessian is deployed in minutes through native API integrations with email providers.
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Want to become a Tessian Partner?

The Tessian Partner Program is an invite-only program offered globally.