Proofpoint closes acquisition of Tessian.

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Smarter defense.
Stronger protection.
Faster response.
Effective coaching.

One intelligent platform for complete cloud email security

AI powered, complete cloud email security

Tessian uses behavioral, content and threat network analysis to detect and prevent the full spectrum of email attacks, including ransomware, account takeover (ATO), business email compromise (BEC).

Smarter defense against phishing, stronger protection of your data

“Tessian detects email impersonation and account takeover attacks, and protects us against advanced threats that traditional email gateways cannot detect”
Anil Bhojani, SOC Manager at BDO UK
Tessian AI

Tessian AI detects sophisticated, targeted email threats, and is purpose built to stop attacks that can’t be caught with signatures or rules. It uses an ensemble model consisting of multiple machine learning models including:

  • Deep learning
  • Large language models
  • Topic clustering
  • Natural language processing
  • Time series anomaly detection

With these methods, Tessian learns an employee’s trusted relationships, the topics and projects they communicate about and what data they handle to stop phishing attacks and protect sensitive data.

“Tessian gave us an opportunity to use ML in the background to develop context about whether or not something that someone was doing was either atypical or perhaps just part of a bad process. ”
Tim Fitzgerald, Former CISO at ARM

Rapid Email Incident Response

Everyone wants to do more with less. With Tessian, security analysts can focus on what matters.
Lightning fast search

Search across the full body of millions of emails, get results in less than a second

One Click Search Builder

No more copying and pasting. Build searches directly within email events.

Automatic Classification and Remediation

Tessian automatically classifies and remediates 90% of user reported emails as safe.

“The Tessian wow factor is how quickly we can search to uncover a wider ranging email threat campaign, remediate all emails, and know that it's been addressed with just a few clicks”
Steve Wingate, CISO Ventra Health
“With Tessian, we have a solution that improves user behaviors without disrupting their workday”
Peter Messervy-Gross, CIO at LGL Group
Complete API integration with your security workflows

We offer full lifecycle email threat remediation via API, which saves your security admins time, while keeping them in their SIEM and SOAR platforms of choice. Admins can delete emails from user inboxes using our API, while effortlessly pulling critical information, including quarantine status, admin label and deletion counts for inbound and outbound emails.