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Data Exfiltration

Data Exfiltration is when sensitive data (IP, PII) is sent to an email domain that is against company privacy policies or breaks compliance regulations.
Negligent Data Exfiltration

Negligent Data Exfiltration, occurs when an employee, knowingly or not, breaks internal data privacy policies and sends sensitive information to an undesired email address. 

This often occurs when an employee sacrifices security for convenience, for example, to access work on a tablet for their commute or to print work documents on their home network.

Malicious Data Exfiltration

Malicious Data Exfiltration is often caused by a “Malicious Insider” or “Bad Leaver”, and occurs when confidential company information is stolen with the intent of personal or financial gain. 

This often occurs when an employee is participating in Insider Trading, or is leaving the company and looking to take information and/or clients with them to their new organization.

“Tessian stops email threats, including Phishing, Business Email Compromise and attacks which could lead to Ransomware or Credential theft on a daily basis. Without Tessian, these threats would've reached our end users.”
Jason Patterson, Sr Director; InfoSec, Compliance and Risk Management @ Nasuni

Simple stack that deploys in minutes

Tessian is built to augment Microsoft and Google, allowing you to enhance your investments and move beyond your secure email gateway. Tessian is deployed in minutes through native API integrations, add-ins or mail gateway. 
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