Proofpoint closes acquisition of Tessian.

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Email Defense in Depth

Combine Tessian and the SEG for stronger email security

Stop the Full Spectrum of Email Risks

Your SEG prevents malware and malicious links from reaching employee inboxes. What about email threats without a payload? 

Targeted BEC and impersonation attacks continue to reach end users, increasing the risk of credential theft, financial fraud and more.
“Others prefer to hang onto their gateway deployments for spam and graymail filtering, adding a cloud-native API-enabled email security (CAPES) deployment to catch what makes it through.”
The Forrester Wave: Enterprise Email Security, Q2 2023
Add AI to Stop Advanced Attacks

Augment the gateway rules you’ve tuned over time with AI to stop the attacks that slip through. Tessian AI analyzes hundreds of data points across email subject headings, body text and attachments to identify normal vs. anomalous communications.

“The biggest benefit of Tessian is the burden it’s lifted off of our IT teams. No more manual investigation or remediation. Tessian is completely automated.”
CISO, Financial Services
Respond to Email Incidents in Seconds

Accelerate threat hunting with a modern approach to investigating email incidents. Admins benefit from intuitive, lightning fast searches and one click query building directly from the email incident.

“The old-fashioned way is to have a human think of every angle and set up rules to combat them. With Tessian, this is all done using machine learning allowing us to avoid a huge administrative burden.”
Adam Jeffries, CIO
Eliminate Manual Email Security Workflows

Reduce workloads by up to 80% with automatic classification, triage and remediation for end user reported emails.

Coach Users In-The-Moment

Generic ‘external sender’ warning banners do little to help users make better decisions. Tessian helps users make informed security decisions by highlighting anomalies, similarities, and atypical behaviors on malicious emails.

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