Proofpoint closes acquisition of Tessian.

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Respond to email threats in seconds

“The Tessian wow factor is how quickly we can search and remediate an entire email threat campaign with just a few clicks.”
Steve Wingate, CISO
  • Security is drowning in email investigations

  • 1.5 FTEs

    dedicated to investigating email threats
  • 1,700

    user reported emails/month, 10% of which were malicious
  • 25 minutes

    to investigate and remediate a single email

React quicker to end user reported emails

Do more with less

Significantly reduce time to investigate, review, and remediate end-user reported emails. Tessian customers reduce time to remediate by 80% with automatic classification, crowd-sourced flagging, and implementing remediation workflows into their SIEM/SOAR platforms.

Ruthlessly prioritize

Cut through the noise and improve detection with automated classification, triage and remediation of end user reported emails.

Rapid email incident response times

Lightning fast investigation and threat hunting

SOC grade investigation and response tools to find previously unseen threats with full body search, one click query building and advanced query logic.

Email risks removed in seconds

Leverage one-click bulk remediation to delete, quarantine, and prevent threats within seconds of identification.

Insights that strengthen your email security

Tessian provides email insights, dashboards, and reporting so you can make better security decisions. Admins can view an up-to-date breakdown of phishing attacks, targeted users, time saved, and more.

Complete cloud email security, deployed in minutes

Built to enhance Microsoft and Google email environments, Tessian is deployed in minutes through native API integrations with email providers.

Better together

Tessian’s cloud email security platform provides full lifecycle email threat management by integrating deeply with your identity, SIEM, SOAR, and XDR platforms. These integrations allow you to get the most from your stack through empowering automated and connected workflows.
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