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Consolidate Email Security

Combine Tessian with M365 or Google Workspace for Complete Cloud Email Security

Stop the Full Spectrum of Email Risks

Combine M365 or Google Workspace with Tessian to reduce costs while defending against the targeted BEC and impersonation attacks that continue to reach end users.
“Security and risk management leaders should evaluate the native capabilities offered by cloud email systems and ensure that they are adequate to prevent sophisticated attacks.”
2023 Gartner Market Guide for Email Security
Reduce Cost and Complexity

Microsoft and Google now offer strong foundations for email security that enable customers to move beyond the SEG.

Modern email security leverages core protections from email providers, layering in advanced detection from AI based solutions, integrated via API.

“Initially, these solutions are deployed as a supplement to existing gateway solutions, but increasingly the combination of the cloud email providers’ native capabilities and an ICES is replacing the traditional SEG.”
Gartner Market Guide for Email Security 2023
Add Machine Learning to Stop Advanced Attacks

Migrate the rules you’ve tuned over time to your email provider, and add AI to stop the attacks that slip through. Tessian AI analyzes hundreds of data points across email subject headings, body text and attachments to identify normal vs. anomalous communications.

“Tessian stops the threats that you just can’t make a rule for. The platform really has evolved along with our own security stack and with the risk environment. It reinforces our training and compliments Microsoft.”
Mike Viera, Cloud and Perimeter Security Capability Lead
Enhance SOC Workflows

Security teams can spend upward of 25 minutes investigation a single email threat. With one-click query building, sub-second search times, and automation for end user reported emails, you can reduce investigation times up to 90%.

Coach Users In-The-Moment

Generic ‘external sender’ warning banners do little to help users make better decisions. Tessian helps users make informed security decisions by highlighting anomalies, similarities, and atypical behaviors on malicious emails.

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