Proofpoint closes acquisition of Tessian.

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Tessian + Google Email Security

Combine Advanced Gmail Security with Tessian for Complete Cloud Email Security

Add Tessian to Fill Critical Gaps

Google’s Advanced Gmail Security is a mature solutions to filter spam, catch malware and perform URL inspection.

Tessian adds AI based defense and contextual warning banners to stop the email attacks missed by Google. Tessian further adds protection to prevent misdirected emails and stop email data exfiltration.
Add Tessian to gain protection from email attacks like
  • Business Email Compromise
  • Impersonation and Spoofing
  • Invoice and Payment Fraud
  • Account Takeover

Learn about email attacks missed by Advanced Gmail Security and legacy email gateway solutions.

“The extra layer of security we get from Tessian enhances what Google provides and gives us more confidence that phishing attacks will be flagged to our users.”
Tim Stead, Senior Infrastructure Manager
Prevent Misdirected Email and Data Exfiltration

Tessian adds an AI based approach to protecting against sensitive data loss in Google Workspace. By preventing messages from being sent to the wrong recipients, and sensitive data from leaving your organization, Tessian reduce the risk of sensitive data loss via email.

Faster Email Incident Response

Performing hundreds of email investigations in Google’s security investigation tool can be a challenge. Tessian saves security admins time with advanced search parameters and one click search building.

Coach end users in the moment

Coach users in-the-moment with contextualized data on the risks in their emails. Replace Google’s generic banners to help users to learn quicker and understand their role in your defense.

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Book a personalized demo to see how Tessian detects and prevents advanced email threats and data loss via email.