Inbound and Outbound Email Security

Tessian automatically prevents social engineering attacks, data exfiltration, and emails being sent to the wrong person.

Tessian named a Cool Vendor by Gartner in the 2020 Cool Vendors in Cloud Office Security.

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Tessian is built with security, privacy, and usability in mind.

Fix the gap in your email security strategy.

Tessian’s HLS Engine uses machine intelligence to traverse millions of data points in real-time and automatically prevent security threats impossible to detect with Secure Email Gateways and legacy email security controls. 

Automatic email security - no rules required.

Automatic threat protection starts within 24 hours of deployment and is customized for each employee based on historical email behavior that’s continuously updated over time. 

Gain control and eliminate compliance risks.

Get visibility and protect your company’s intellectual property. Comply with government and industry specific legislation, meet GDPR and other data protection regulations and exceed your customer’s data privacy requirements.

Security for the people, not to the people.

Email security shouldn’t be a burden for your employees. Tessian works in the background to detect and prevent email threats in real-time while educating employees with easy-to-read, contextual warnings written in human terms.


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