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Five Ways Tessian Cloud Email Security Improves Enterprise Cybersecurity

Martin Nielsen • Friday, April 22nd 2022
Five Ways Tessian Cloud Email Security Improves Enterprise Cybersecurity

Tessian Cloud Email Security intelligently prevents advanced email threats and protects against data loss, to strengthen email security and build smarter security cultures in modern enterprises.

Tessian, an intelligent cloud email security solution for the enterprise, prevents advanced email threats and protects against data loss. With email responsible for up to 90% of all breaches, rule based security solutions like Secure Email Gateways (SEGs) no longer cut it. This explains why 58% of cybersecurity leaders are actively looking to displace SEGs for the next generation of email security.

Next gen solutions like Tessian ensure significantly improved threat detection and prevention capabilities thanks to machine learning and behavioral user intelligence, and offer a simplified approach to solution integration and management.

Removing the pain from security management

Tessian’s API integration into both Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace cloud email environments enables deployment in seconds, and provides unparalleled protection within hours. No manual updates, complex mail rerouting, or MX record re-configuration is needed.

And, when customers integrate Tessian’s security event feed with other solutions, they’re able to streamline processes and workflows and get a more contextualized and complete risk profile of their environment, down to the employee level.

To help you better understand the value of Tessian with products like Splunk, Okta, and KnowBe4, let’s explore real use cases from our customers. 

Tessian + Splunk

Customer: Financial Services

Employees: 7,000

Tessian Products Deployed:  Enforcer and Guardian 

Use case: 

For one of our financial services customers, the integration of Tessian with Splunk has been essential in addressing insider threats and preventing data loss. The client ingests, triages and remediates Tessian’s alerts in its SOC which runs on Splunk.

By sending data to Splunk, the SOC is empowered to create dashboards for the key security events that they care about, for example users with the most flags, or top recipients of flagged emails. This data can be combined with metrics from other cybersecurity tools in the environment to form a more comprehensive risk profile. For example, correlating the data from Tessian with endpoint security alerts enabled the client to get a deeper level of risk understanding viewed from a single pane of glass.

From here the client is able to create workflows through ServiceNow, which allows streamlining of Tessian’s security feeds into existing security workflows.

Some of the key benefits of Tessian and Splunk integration include:

  • Setting up custom alerts
  • Triaging security events
  • Identifying risky users
  • Easy reporting of risk to the risk committee
“Tessian’s data is invaluable for building a profile for insider threat. With the API, we’re able to integrate that valuable data into Splunk and make it a lot easier for our analysts to review and correlate to other important data”
Information Security Officer Financial Services Provider

Tessian + Sumo Logic

Customer: Financial Services

Employees: 3,100

Tessian Products Deployed:  Defender, Enforcer, and Guardian

Use Case:

Sumo Logic is a central source for log analysis and is often a starting point for remediation workflows. Tessian has a native app built to Sumo Logic’s Modern Enterprise Security Architecture (MESA). With this native app, Sumo Logic users can ingest Tessian alerts and correlate them with other events. 

One of our financial services clients uses Sumo Logic for log correlation and analysis. By feeding logs and alerts into Sumo Logic, enables the client to quickly identify spikes in anomalous email activity, for example:  misdirected email (Guardian), unauthorized email (Enforcer) and phishing emails (Defender). 

Once a verdict has been delivered on an email, the SecOps team is in a position to take mitigating actions. 

Tessian + Okta 

Customer: Financial Services

Employees: 1, 200

Tessian Products Deployed: Defender, Enforcer, and Guardian 

Use case: 

The Tessian integration with Okta enables clients to use Okta’s Universal Directory to set specific email security policies for user groups based on risk. For example, one client in financial services leverages the integration to enforce more stringent email security rules for the finance department – responsible for sending and receiving sensitive financial data. 

Tessian is leveraged to target these specific user groups with email security policies that ensure safe email behavior and prevents email related data loss. 

The integration with Okta enables greater security flexibility for user groups, rather than a standard one-size fits all approach to security policy orchestration.

Tessian Cloud Email SecurityTessian Cloud Email Security

Tessian + CrowdStrike + Netskope

Customer: Healthcare

Employees: 16,500

Tessian Products Deployed: Defender, Enforcer, and Guardian 

Use case:

A growing number of Tessian clients, such as one in healthcare, is using Tessian as an integral security pillar to keep their enterprise safe from external and insider threats, particularly concerning data loss.

Tessian is seen as one of core security pillars keeping employees and the email ecosystem safe. Other key security pillars and best-in-breed solutions include CrowdStrike for endpoint and Netskope for cloud security – deployed alongside Tessian. 

By leveraging Tessian in combination with these tools enables a defense in depth approach, giving security practitioners peace of mind that they have the best tools in place to keep their employees and their data safe.

Tessian + KnowBe4

Customer: Pharmaceuticals

Employees: 650

Tessian Products Deployed: Defender

Use case:

The Tessian integration with Knowbe4 gives organizations more visibility into phishing risk by identifying the employees who are most likely to fall for phishing attacks. Tessian ingests KnowBe4’s Phish Prone Score and combines it with our own Risk Score, presenting a more comprehensive risk profile for each employee.

This way, security teams can customize security policies and training programs for more targeted and engaging security awareness for specific employees rather than a blanketed approach – that often lacks context. 

After deploying Tessian to bolster KnowBe4, one pharmaceutical company saw click through rate drop significantly from 20% to below the industry benchmark of 3%. Another Tessian client in the financial services sector summed up the value of the Tessian and KnowBe4 integration:

“Tessian has improved our email security by providing those extra guard rails for our colleagues. And now, the Tessian and KnowBe4 integration allows us to have a central place to understand the relative risk of our users. With this information we can see where there is a need for additional training or who may not need more.”
Insider Risk Lead Financial Services Provider

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Martin Nielsen Technology Partner Alliance Manager