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Ultimate Guide to Surviving Black Friday Phishing Attacks

Andrew Webb • Thursday, November 18th 2021
Ultimate Guide to Surviving Black Friday Phishing Attacks

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Ahh Black Friday, ‘o-phish-ally’ the phishiest day of the year according to our 12-month analysis of over 4 billion emails.  


You can read more on our research below, and see why bad actors specifically use this day to launch the highest number of attacks of the year.  


We also have articles explaining why attackers impersonate delivery firms, how to spot retail scams, and seven tips to help you survive Black Friday.

SP chart - Black Friday Phishing Attacks

With over 165 million people heading to stores or shopping online during the frenzy that follows Thanksgiving, retailers will be busier and more distracted than ever. And this makes them a prime target for cybercriminals.  It’s no wonder 42% of CISOs miss Turkey Day

Read more below.

A recent survey also revealed that one in five (20%) U.S. consumers and 33% of U.K. consumers received a phishing scam from a hacker posing as a delivery service this year already.

With consumers spending billions online during the upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s highly likely that delivery-related phishing scams will surge – especially against the backdrop of the supply chain issues retailers are currently facing, which are causing delays and product shortages. Read more below.


With staff working hard to fulfill customers’ orders, they’re highly likely to be distracted, which is when bad actors like to strike. Read more on why they’re not only targeting consumers, but retail businesses themselves, in our  ‘Tis the Season to be Phished report

Cybercriminals follow the money, and at this time of year there’s LOTS of it flowing about. Read more on phishing in retail in this blog post.

New research shows that 30% of U.S. consumers received a phishing message around Black Friday 2020 by text or email. Do you know how to spot a scam? If your organization needs a reminder, download this infographic and circulate to the team. It explains What a phishing email looks like, Which organizations and retailers are most likely to impersonate, and what to do if they’re targeted.


Black Friday Phishing Attacks


Find out how Tessian can help secure your Human Layer against threats not just on Black Friday, but every other day of the year too.

Andrew Webb Senior Content Manager