Tessian Defender Inbound Email Protection

Prevent email threats that legacy email controls can't detect.

Automatically prevent spear phishing, business email compromise, and other targeted email attacks.

  • Essential defense against today’s inbound security threats.

    Even the most savvy employees can fall victim to the modern social engineering and spear phishing attacks of cybercriminals. Automatically prevent unsafe emails and protect your employees and your data to maintain customer trust.

  • Fix the gap in your email security strategy.

    Tessian can capture difficult-to-detect domain spoof manipulations, zero payload attacks, and look-alike impersonations of internal and external contacts that are impossible to detect with Secure Email Gateways and legacy email security controls. Learn more about Tessian Technology.

  • Secure every email while educating your employees.

    Tessian Defender adds intuitive warning banners to unsafe emails which immediately alert employees to potential risks and reinforce security and awareness training.

How Tessian Defender works

Establish employee relationship graph using historical email data.
Tessian analyzes historical email data to understand normal content, context and communication patterns, enabling a comprehensive mapping of every employee’s trusted email relationships (both within and outside your organization). Relationship graphs are established and continuously updated as email behaviour changes over time after Tessian is deployed.
Perform real-time analysis of inbound emails.
Tessian’s Human Layer Security Engine analyzes all inbound emails in real-time and uses machine intelligence to automatically predict whether the email looks unsafe based on insights from the relationship graphs, deep inspection of the email content and previous user behaviour.
Automatically prevent targeted email attacks.
When unsafe emails are detected, employees can either be alerted in-situ with clear, simple explanations of potential risks or emails can be directly quarantined for inspection and approval by Security Analysts.
Learn how Tessian Defender can help protect from spear phishing, business email compromise and other targeted attacks on email.
  • Comprehensive security
  • Effortless for security teams.
    • Machine learning algorithms work automatically and invisibly to prevent inbound attacks.
    • No pre-defined rules or policies needed.
    • Reinforce phishing simulation tests with contextually relevant in-situ training on warning banners.
  • Easy to deploy.
    • Integration and deployment can be completed in minutes.
    • No need for any pre-labelled training data or manual email archive import.
    • Automatically prevents data breaches within just 24 hours after deployment.

Defender secures all enterprise email environments. View Tessian’s integrations, compatibility and partnerships.

See Tessian in action.

96% of social engineering and impersonation attacks occur over email. Uplevel to protect from modern phishing attacks.