Level-up Your Data Loss Prevention Strategy.

Automatically prevent data exfiltration over email with Tessian Enforcer.

  • Automatically prevent data exfiltration over email.

    Automatically prevent data exfiltration over email. Whether it’s an employee sending sensitive information to less secure, personal accounts or a bad leaver maliciously exfiltrating information for personal gains, Tessian Enforcer’s machine learning model automatically detects data exfiltration and non-compliant activities on emails. No rules required.

  • Protect your company IP and meet compliance standards.

    Proactively stop sensitive information from leaving your environment via email. Prevent data breaches involving personally identifiable information (PII), safeguard your company intellectual property, and ensure continuous regulatory compliance.

  • Gain visibility and reduce investigative burden.

    Get granular visibility into high risk email data exfiltration events and be alerted of unusual trends. Easily identify data being transferred by high risk employees inside your organization and take quick preventative action.

How Tessian Enforcer works.

Automatically detect non-business email accounts with historical email data.
Tessian analyzes historical email data to understand normal content, context and communication patterns, enabling a comprehensive mapping of every employee’s business and non-business email contacts. Relationship graphs are established and continuously updated as email behaviour changes over time after Tessian is deployed.
Perform real-time analysis of emails before sending.
Tessian’s Human Layer Security Engine analyzes all outbound emails in real-time and uses machine intelligence to automatically predict whether the email looks like data exfiltration based on insights from the relationship graphs, deep inspection of the email content and previous user behaviour.
Data exfiltration detection and prevention.
Real-time warnings are shown to employees when data exfiltration threats are detected. Warning triggers can be tailored to suit your company’s security policies and workflow requirements; employees can be warned, emails can be blocked, or activity can be silently tracked.
Learn how Tessian Enforcer can help you prevent data exfiltration on email.
  • Comprehensive Security.
  • Balance security with productivity.
    • Machine learning algorithms work automatically and invisibly to prevent data exfiltration.
    • Automatically differentiate between business and non-business freemail accounts to ensure legitimate emails don’t get blocked.
    • Investigate insider threat trends and data breaches with ease.
  • Effortless for security teams.
    • Integration and deployment can be completed in minutes.
    • No need to define and maintain complex DLP rules or denylists.
    • Automatically prevents data breaches within 24 hours of deployment.

Tessian Enforcer secures all enterprise email environments. View Tessian’s integrations, compatibility and partnerships.

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69% of businesses have experienced data loss due to employee data exfiltration. Prevent yours from being one of them.