Tessian Guardian Outbound Email Protection

Data Loss Stops Here.

Prevent accidental data loss caused by human error on email with Tessian Guardian.

  • Automatically prevent accidental data loss on email.

    Stop accidental data loss from misdirected emails before they happen. Ensure the right email is shared with the right person and prevent data breaches that are impossible to detect with legacy DLP controls. Learn more about Tessian Technology.

  • Exceed customer and regulatory data protection requirements.

    Eliminate the financial risk that comes with reputational damage. Make security a unique selling point for your organization by maintaining customer trust and complying with data protection regulations and customer confidentiality agreements.

  • Security for the people, not to the people.

    Email security shouldn’t be a burden for your employees. Tessian works in the background to detect and prevent email threats and email activity in real-time while educating employees with easy-to-read, contextual warnings written in human terms.

How Tessian Guardian works

Establish employee relationship graph with historical email data.
Tessian analyzes historical email data to understand normal content, context and communication patterns, enabling a comprehensive mapping of every employee’s email relationships (both within and outside your organization). Relationship graphs are established and continuously updated as email behaviour changes over time after Tessian is deployed.
Perform real-time analysis of emails before sending.
Tessian’s HLS Engine analyzes all outbound emails in real-time and uses machine intelligence to automatically predict whether the email looks like accidental data loss based on insights from the relationship graphs, deep inspection of the email content and previous user behaviour.
Automatically prevent accidental data loss and misdirected emails
As misdirected emails are detected, employees are alerted in real-time with clear, simple explanations and precise reasons for anomalies. This way, they can correct the recipient(s) before the email is sent. Employee interactions are also logged for inspection in the Tessian dashboard.
Learn how Tessian Guardian can help you prevent data loss from misdirected emails.
  • Comprehensive security.
  • Balance security with productivity.
    • Machine learning algorithms work automatically and invisibly to prevent misdirected emails.
    • Prevent misdirected emails without having to disable recipient autocomplete.
    • No repetitive and annoying user pop-ups or cues on every email being sent.
  • Effortless for security teams
    • Integration and deployment can be completed in minutes.
    • No need for any pre-labeled training data or manual email archive import.
    • Automatically prevents data breaches within 24 hours of deployment.

Tessian Guardian secures all enterprise email environments. View Tessian’s integrations, compatibility and partnerships.

See Tessian in action.

Organizations see a 2-7% churn rate after a data breach. Keep your organization’s data secure with Tessian Guardian.