HLS Intelligence

Strengthen your defense against human error with Human Layer Intelligence.

Insights, automated threat Intelligence, and tools for rapid investigation and remediation of threats prevented by Tessian's Human Layer Security Platform. Lower the risk of misdirected emails, data exfiltration, and impersonation attacks.

  • Comprehensive visibility into Human Layer vulnerabilities and high priority threats.

  • Skip manual investigation. Move swiftly to remediation with precise intel.

  • Strengthen your security posture today and for the long term.

Tessian Human Layer Security Intelligence

An essential intelligence layer built into Tessian's Human Layer Security platform to improve your organization's human layer risk profile.
Threat Insights
Threat insights on risk drivers with benchmarking against industry peers.
  • Get must-have insights into your Human Layer Security vulnerabilities on email - Easily view and quantify threats your organization faces, compare trends, and make informed prioritization decisions.
  • Benchmark your risk levels against industry peers and take necessary corrective actions to lower your risks in specific threat categories.
Threat Investigation
Automated threat intelligence for rapid investigation and response.
  • Reduce manual incident investigation time with detailed event data with complete threat breakdown and curated security event prioritization lists.
  • Automatically unearth larger hidden threats behind disparate security events and eliminate security blind spots.
  • Use Tessian API integrations to centralize and triage events in your preferred SIEM/SOAR platforms.
Threat Remediation
Robust threat remediation tools that continuously improves your risk profile.
  • Quarantine or clawback unsafe emails from users’ inboxes and remediate similar threats at scale with a single click.
  • Future proof defenses by automatically blocking denylisted domains on the Tessian ecosystem or add to denylists with a single click. No rules needed.
Learn how Tessian HLS Intelligence enables SOC teams to continually trend down your Human Layer Security risks.

Upgrade your threat intelligence with groundbreaking Human Layer Security.