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Automatically stop data breaches and security threats caused by employees on email. Powered by machine learning, Tessian detects anomalies in real-time, integrating seamlessly with your email environment within minutes and starting protection in a day. Provides you with unparalleled visibility into human security risks to remediate threats and ensure compliance.

Infographic: Cost of a Data Breach by Industry

The average cost of a data breach is $3.86 million but this amount can vary dramatically depending on the industry. For example, the cost of a data breach in healthcare is over $7 million.


Want to learn more? Download this infographic to see:


  • How much data breaches costs across 18 industries, including Financial Services, technology, retail, entertainment, and more
  • The average cost per record. Hint: The average is $175
  • Average customer churn after a breach, which ranges from .40%-7%
  • The number of days it takes to detect and contain a breach

For more information about compliance, you can download our CEO’s Guide to Data Protection and Compliance or visit our compliance content hub.

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