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Automatically stop data breaches and security threats caused by employees on email. Powered by machine learning, Tessian detects anomalies in real-time, integrating seamlessly with your email environment within minutes and starting protection in a day. Provides you with unparalleled visibility into human security risks to remediate threats and ensure compliance.

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DLP Blindspots: How to protect what you can’t see

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Webinars & Events

DLP Blindspots: How to protect what you can’t see

Binary, rule-based DLP solutions offer blunt protection and limited visibility into complex human behavior and data movement. This leaves security leaders in the dark, trawling through logs of flagged and self-reported incidents after they’ve occurred.

But what if you could take a proactive approach? What if you could automatically detect accidental data loss and malicious exfiltration in real-time, before sensitive data leaves your environment? What if you could zero-in on individual employees and departments to pinpoint risky, at-risk, or careless employees long before they make a mistake?

We’re bringing together a panel of experts to talk about a new wave of DLP. They’ll share how they’ve gone beyond binary solutions to get visibility and protection for complex use cases.


Join this webinar to learn more about:
  • Self-reporting flaws: Why it isn’t sufficient and what you can do to get automated visibility
  • Human element: Why it’s important to look beyond rule-based systems when it comes to preventing human error and insider threats
  • Beyond black and white: How experts have architected their environments to protect against complex use cases, beyond using binary DLP solutions