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Automatically stop data breaches and security threats caused by employees on email. Powered by machine learning, Tessian detects anomalies in real-time, integrating seamlessly with your email environment within minutes and starting protection in a day. Provides you with unparalleled visibility into human security risks to remediate threats and ensure compliance.

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Tessian Cloud Email Security

An Intelligent Approach to Advanced Email Threat Prevention

Detect and prevent advanced email threats including spear phishing, ransomware, account takeover (ATO), business email compromise (BEC) and impersonation attacks.

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To Automatically Detect and Prevent Advanced Email Threats Legacy Solutions Fail to Stop

An Intelligent Approach to Stopping Advanced Email Threats

Prevent The Advanced Email Threats That Legacy Solutions Miss

Enhance Your Email Security, Unburden Security Teams

Gain Advanced Email Threat Prevention

With Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Natural Language Understanding, emails are analyzed in real time to detect and prevent advanced phishing and social engineering attacks.

Free Up Time to Focus on Mission-Critical Tasks

Tessian prevents advanced email threats without requiring any interaction with the platform day-to-day. Emails can be automatically quarantined, allowing your security operations team to focus on mission critical tasks.

Fully Automate SOC Workflows

Tessian integrates with leading SIEM, SOAR, IAM, ITSM, SEG and phishing training solutions to enhance security insights and orchestrate your workflows, including triage and remediation.

Security Awareness Training That Resonates

Tessian helps build a smarter security culture in the enterprise by alerting people to threats in real-time and using in-the-moment training to improve end-users security behavior through contextualized security warnings.

Our Technology

An Intelligent Approach to Email Security

Tessian Integrates into Enterprise Security Environments

Tessian Cloud Email Security Platform integrates across security environments all via API. Discover how Tessian can help your security team gain more visibility, extended protection, and maximum ROI.

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Intelligently prevent advanced threats on email, unburden your SOC team, and build a smarter security culture with Tessian.

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