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6 Cybersecurity Podcasts to Listen to Now

Tuesday, January 19th 2021
6 Cybersecurity Podcasts to Listen to Now

Tessian Cloud Email Security intelligently prevents advanced email threats and protects against data loss, to strengthen email security and build smarter security cultures in modern enterprises.

If you’re interested in cybersecurity, this list of the best cyber security podcasts is for you. 

We’ve collated six of the best cyber security podcasts in the world — where engaging hosts provide breaking news, intelligent analysis, and inspiring interviews.

The Best Cyber Security Podcasts

The CyberWire Daily

Launched: December 2015

Average episode length: 25 minutes

Release cycle: Daily

As one of the most prolific and productive cybersecurity news networks, CyberWire has access to world-class guests, top research, and breaking news. The CyberWire Daily brings listeners news briefings and a great variety of in-depth cybersecurity content.

The CyberWire Daily showcases episodes from across CyberWire’s podcast catalog, including Career Notes, in which security leaders discuss their life and work; Research Saturday, where cybersecurity researchers talk about key emerging threats; and Hacking Humans, which focuses on social engineering.

Here are some great recent episodes:

  • Deep Instinct’s Shimon Oren talks about his research on the worrying re-emergence of the Emotet malware
  • Craig Williams, head of outreach at Cisco’s Talos Unit, discusses the perils of malicious online ads (malvertising)
  • Ann Johson, Microsoft’s Corporate VP Cybersecurity Business Development, discusses her career journey —- from lawyer to cybersecurity executive

Unsupervised Learning

Launched: January 2015

Average episode length: 25 minutes

Release cycle: Weekly

Originally called “Take 1 Security,” Daniel Miessler’s Unsupervised Learning podcast is an insightful look at long-running themes and emerging issues in cybersecurity.

Miessler has provided thoughtful written commentary on cybersecurity for over two decades. His podcast’s format varies: most weeks involve a run-down of the week’s cybersecurity headlines, but some episodes feature an essay, interview, or a book review. 

Some standout episodes over the past year have included:

  • An analysis of Verizon’s all-important annual data breach report 
  • An interview with General Earl Matthews on election security
  • A spoken essay about how the US should address its ransomware problem

WIRED Security

Launched: November 2020

Average episode length: 8 minutes

Release cycle: Every weekday

WIRED Security is part of WIRED’s “Spoken Edition” range of podcasts, and it’s a little different from the other podcasts on our list. Each episode features a reading of a recently-published WIRED article about cybersecurity.

We love this podcast because it’s short and snappy (episodes generally range from 4 to 12 minutes long), released daily, and provides free access to WIRED’s incredible in-depth journalism. 

Some great episodes from the past few months include: 

  • A recap of 2020’s worst hacks (there were many to choose from)
  • An analysis of the critical — and possibly permanent — security flaws among Internet of Things devices 
  • A look at how Russia could be exploiting poor cybersecurity practices among remote workers

RE: Human Layer Security

Launched: December 2020

Average episode length: 22 minutes

Release cycle: Weekly

RE: Human Layer Security is an exciting new podcast hosted by Tessian CEO Tim Sadler. Sadler talks to business and technology leaders about their experiences running and securing some of the world’s leading organizations.

The show flips the script on cybersecurity and addresses the human factor. Join world-class business and technology leaders as they discuss how and why companies must protect people – not just machines and data – to stop threats and empower employees.

Guests have included: 

  • Howard Schultz, Starbucks former CEO, on why culture trumps strategy when building and protecting a business
  • Stephane Kasriel, Upwork former CEO, on how companies can embrace remote working
  • Tim Fitzgerald, CISO at ARM, on why security should serve people’s interests and empower employees to take care of themselves

New episodes launch every Wednesday. Don’t miss out! 

Security Now

Launched: August 2005

Average episode length: 2 hours

Release cycle: Weekly

Security Now is the oldest podcast on our list, but it has truly stood the test of time. Now entering its 16th year, the podcast still has a vast listener base — and continues to provide timely and insightful analysis on important cybersecurity topics.

Every Monday, Security Now provides a detailed breakdown of all (and we mean all) the weeks’ security and privacy headlines. If you’re ever feeling out of the loop, spending a couple of hours listening to hosts Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte will bring you back up to date.

Recent discussions on Security Now have included:

  • How SolarWinds shareholders are launching a class-action lawsuit following the company’s disastrous hack
  • Why WhatsApp users are flocking to Signal following a privacy policy update
  • How swatters are using IoT devices to misdirect emergency services teams 

The Many Hats Club

Launched: November 2017

Average episode length: 45 minutes

Release cycle: Sporadic

The Many Hats Club is a coalition of people from across the information security community, including coders, engineers, and hackers — whether blackhat, whitehat, or greyhat.

The Many Hats Club podcast is a great way to get to know the next generation of infosec professionals. Host CyberSecStu interviews a great range of guests about a broad range of topics, including hacking, privacy, and cybersecurity culture.

Recent highlights include:

  • A conversation about DDoS mitigation and mental health with security researcher Notdan
  • A discussion about women in infosec with cybersecurity commentator Becky Pinkard 
  • A strictly NSFW interview with the controversial McAfee founder John McAfee


Our Roundup

What’s your favorite cybersecurity podcast? Let us know by tagging us on social media! And, if it’s RE: Human Layer Security, make sure you follow it on Spotify or subscribe on Apple Podcasts so you never miss an episode.