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Introducing Tessian’s New Hybrid Remote Model: Choice First

Paige Rinke • Friday, December 4th 2020
Introducing Tessian’s New Hybrid Remote Model: Choice First

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We certainly won’t be the first to have made this claim in the last nine months but…the world has changed. Yes – we’ll say it – these are unprecedented times. That’s why companies around the world are reinventing their approach to engaging with and supporting their people.


How has Tessian adapted so far this year?


So, what have we done at Tessian? A lot.  We’ve reimagined how we socialize and connect with Tessians all over the world (yes, there’s been bingo!). We’ve set up fully remote onboarding for the first time ever. We’ve even ever-so-briefly re-opened our London office, with super safe protocol and measures put in place to protect those of us who wished to return. We’ve done it all.


But undoubtedly the biggest challenge we’ve had to grapple with – and therefore the question we’ve had to answer – is this: What should the new world of work look like for Tessians when things start to return to “normal”?


We know for sure that our office of the future will be very different from our office of the past, but what exactly does it look like? And, more importantly, how do we support  Tessians while the future is still so unclear?


It’s been a journey, but we’re excited to finally share Tessian’s plans for the future. It’s looking bright – and full of choice.


What does the new world of work look like at Tessian?


Some companies pride themselves on being entirely remote. And there are no doubt benefits to this simplified approach. No office politics. And, decisions don’t get made “where the action is” (in the office) because, well, there isn’t one!


Others are still trying to retain an office that puts culture first. They want to create a space that fosters collaboration and offers the social benefits that are synonymous with a bustling office.


But we believe that both of these approaches – while possibly easier and with fewer risks to manage – miss out on one of the most important determinants of happiness and wellbeing in our lives: Choice.

So, at Tessian, we’re excited to announce our new approach to the future of work: Choice First


What is Choice First?


Choice First enables Tessians and future Tessians to do their best work, in whatever way is best for them.


Put simply, we will be giving our team three options to choose from, with as few caveats as possible:

Why have we landed here (and not remote first, or office first)?


We have done extensive internal and external research, and there are three core reasons we believe this is the way forward. 


1. Attract (and keep!) world-class talent 


We know that the best companies in the world will be adopting remote options for employees while keeping hubs for those employees who prefer being able to work and socialize in the office. It’s about getting the best of both. 


We want to be amongst these companies. That way, we can continue to attract and retain the best people. 


Internally, having heard from our people (our Culture Council has done some great work here), some Tessians can’t wait to get back to the office.  We want to ensure that we still have this option in the future. In fact, some have even said they wouldn’t want to work for a company that didn’t have this as an option!


But some Tessians have experienced an enormously positive change in their lives since skipping the commute to the office every day. We need to ensure that we offer both.


Just look at the results of our most recent research report, Securing the Future of Hybrid Working. You can see employees really do want to be able to work from anywhere.


[infogram id=”hybrid-work-module-2-1hnp279w5mvy6gq?live”]

2. Diversity catalyst 


This will open doors to new pools of diverse talent and will make room for every potential Tessian. We believe this will support us in creating a more diverse “place” to work by: 


  • Opening up talent pools in different locations around the country (and world!)
  • Allowing those who need to work from home for health reasons, or due to caring or other responsibilities, will be able to join the Tessian experience
  • Enabling those who do want to enjoy the social elements of an office to do so 

Learn more about why diversity is important at Tessian…from Tessians. Watch the video now.


3. Take care of Tessians and support wellbeing


Choice First allows people to be in control of their own working lives.  Which is a good thing. Why? Because what works for one person may not work for another. 


Studies have shown that when employees are given the freedom to make the right choices for their career and their life outside of work, their holistic wellbeing will be greater. 


Surprisingly, given how difficult this period of working from home has been, our own engagement data is backing up how not being in the office can increase wellbeing. We’ve had a significant (over 10%!) uplift in our company engagement scores against the “health” driver (which measures things like mental and physical wellbeing) since leaving the office back in March. 


So, for people to do their best work, and have good holistic wellbeing, we need to enable choice around work locations and preferences.


What about the risks? 


We all know that introducing a hybrid culture is not without its challenges. So we’re dedicating significant time and resources over the coming months to counteract these.


Just some of the key things we are thinking about are below. 



  • Inclusivity – How do we make sure people aren’t left out because they do or don’t work in the office?
  • Communication – How do we make sure people feel connected to what’s happening at Tessian?
  • Fun – How do we keep things interesting in a hybrid environment?
  • Fairness – How do we make sure no one is positively or negatively impacted due to their choice?

Ways of working

  • Communication – When do we use synchronous vs asynchronous communication?
  • How we work – Are hybrid working patterns different from office-based patterns?
  • Security – How can we continue leveraging technology, policies, and training to keep our people safe, wherever and however they work? 
  • Amplifying performance – How can we provide in-the-moment feedback and help Tessians do their best work, even when we’re not all together?
  • Effectiveness – Does hybrid make it harder to get stuff done? Do we have the right tools in place to support everyone?

What’s next?


There is still a lot of work to be done. We will be mobilizing our internal teams to make sure our current employees and future Tessians have clarity about their options. Of course, decisions don’t need to be made just yet.


Watch this space for more insights about our journey – we can’t wait to share it with you.

Paige Rinke Head of People