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Respond Faster. Prevent More.

Bob Boyle • Tuesday, April 25th 2023
Respond Faster. Prevent More.

Tessian Complete Cloud Email Security Platform defends against inbound email threats, protects your most sensitive data from being lost via email, helps security teams respond to email security incidents faster and more efficiently, while coaching end-users to drive better security decisions

When evaluating email security solutions, security professionals care about one thing over anything else: will this help us prevent more threats? 

The irony is, security solutions themselves have become one of the main drivers as to why security teams aren’t preventing more threats in the first place. Legacy gateway solutions are time intensive, manual and inefficient – meaning security teams simply don’t have the time, tools or patience to effectively manage their email security posture. Security teams today often rely on rule-based prevention policies or end-user reporting to first identify email risk, and then use between 2-5 different security tools to perform investigation and remediation workflows. For every individual email threat, this process can take 30 minutes on average – and sometimes, more. 

This means if an organization sees any more than 15 potential email threat alerts, one single security team member may lose a full day of work.

“To give you some context, in the past 90 days our end-users have reported almost 3,000 emails.”
Tessian Customer Financial Services 

Between a backlog of end-user reported emails, attacks that have bypassed traditional controls and inefficient email response workflows, security teams spend too much time responding to advanced email threats. It can take days, due to archaic tooling and approval processes, for organizations to remove known malicious emails from an enterprise, exposing the company to extended risk. 

In order to prevent more threats, security teams need a solution that will help them cut through the noise, enhance their risk detection, and increase their response efficiency. This is exactly why we’ve built Tessian Respond. 

“Before Tessian Respond I was spending 2-3 hours every day dealing with reported emails, and they were all spam or scams. Now it might be 15 minutes a day to deal with the same email threats.”
Tessian Customer Financial Services

Tessian Respond is the fastest solution for security teams to quickly identify and respond to email threats by offering threat hunting capabilities and the automated response to end-user reported emails. Tessian Respond makes it easy for security teams to quickly pivot between email security events and response workflows, to better understand the full scope of an attack and make an informed response decision based on the risk. 

“One email to somebody doesn’t give me a picture of whether I’m going to drop everything and do something about it, where if I had more visibility into a theme across the environment where I could know if this is bigger than one email, it allows my team to prioritize accordingly.”
Tessian Customer Private Equity

Powerful search queries leveraging data and threat indicators from the entire Tessian platform – such as Subject, URLs, or even File Hash Values – now allow security teams to investigate if a single email alert is an isolated incident, or part of a broader attack campaign across the organization.

End-user reported emails will be ingested from any existing report phish button and prioritized by highest risk using a combination of machine learning algorithms and customer defined policies. Tessian Respond automatically classifies end-user reported spam and false positives, which enables the security team to quickly focus their time on legitimate higher risk email threats. 

The ability to quickly detect and identify email risk does not, however, completely solve the problem that security teams are dealing with today. In order to enable more prevention, security teams need the ability to remediate existing email threats… FAST. Tessian Respond gives security teams bulk remediation actions directly within investigation workflows to quickly remove threats from the environment and reduce the organization’s attack surface moving forward. With a continuous feedback loop directly into Tessian’s behavioral based AI detection algorithm, every email marked as malicious, reported as spam, and removed from the inbox  improves Tessian’s understanding of an organization’s normal email behavior and helps Tessian improve prevention overtime.

Security teams will benefit from Tessian Respond by spending less time triaging across multiple legacy email security solutions, manually remediating email threats with PowerShell scripts, and maintaining an overwhelming list of reactive rule-based prevention policies. Tessian Respond gives security teams the freedom and flexibility they need to do what is most important to them: prevent more threats.

“We weren’t doing anything proactive before. We were just happy to block the bulk phishing. Now, with Tessian Respond, we get to take the time savings and go a level deeper. Now we can go threat hunt.”
Tessian Customer Healthcare

When evaluating email security solutions, security professionals can be confident in one thing over anything else: Tessian enables security teams to respond faster, and as a result, prevent more threats.

Bob Boyle Product Marketing Manager II