Proofpoint closes acquisition of Tessian.

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What’s new — Advanced query, keyword search, and remediation via API

Meghan Brisson • Sunday, December 3rd 2023
What’s new — Advanced query, keyword search,  and remediation via API

Tessian Cloud Email Security intelligently prevents advanced email threats and protects against data loss, to strengthen email security and build smarter security cultures in modern enterprises.

Following the announcement of Proofpoint’s intent to acquire Tessian, our mission to secure the human layer hasn’t faltered, and we continue to innovate at rapid speed. This month we’re delivering continued leadership in email threat hunting and investigation, making it faster and more efficient than ever to remediate email threats.

Advanced Query Search

Threat hunting just got easier. With this release, security teams can accelerate investigations with a SOC-grade, powerful search interface. Users can easily build queries by combining keywords and phrases — like QR or Password Reset — with other characteristics, like the number of email attachments, extension types, sender domains, or even IP address ranges. Analysts can also easily combine these search terms with AND, OR, or NOT to further refine their search with advanced query logic.

Last month we announced faster search, where Tessian returns results in less than 1 second compared with legacy solutions. And now, while maintaining that lightning speed, we’re providing a flexible and intuitive search interface for our users.   

Full Body Keyword Search

In addition to the advanced query search, our users can also keyword search within the full body of an email. Security teams can complete investigations faster without toggling between multiple tools like Microsoft’s eDiscovery or compliance solutions like Global Relay. Searching at the keyword level is now at your fingertips within the Tessian interface.

These search enhancements let teams streamline their workflows while consolidating tools. You no longer have to switch between multiple tools to get the same insights and results. 

Email Threat Remediation API

The newest API endpoints allow users to easily perform remediation workflows within their preferred tools. With the Tessian threat remediation API, teams can release and delete emails from quarantine and delete emails from inboxes within SOAR, XDR, and ticketing platforms.

This latest release adds to our robust set of API endpoints, making it easy to access security events and monitor users, groups, and risk within your organization’s preferred platform. Security teams can be managing upwards of 30 tools at once — which is time consuming and unwieldy. Now, whether you want to perform tasks within the Tessian portal or within another tool, the choice is yours! See our API Documentation for more information.

Meghan Brisson