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What’s New – Enhanced API, Lightning Search and Updated Navigation

Emma Huez • Monday, October 2nd 2023
What’s New – Enhanced API, Lightning Search and Updated Navigation

Tessian Cloud Email Security intelligently prevents advanced email threats and protects against data loss, to strengthen email security and build smarter security cultures in modern enterprises.

The Tessian team is working quickly. And we’re thrilled to share our latest product updates with you. 

Updated Navigation and Product Naming

Our platform navigation is looking better than ever. That’s because we’ve updated the naming to be more intuitive and efficient for users. It aligns seamlessly with our core product pillars: Defend, Protect, Respond, and Coach. We’ve also updated our product names to match so they are easier to understand — what you see is what you get. 

  • Email Threat Defense (formerly Defender): Strengthen your organization’s email security, proactively identifying and mitigating threats before they reach users.
  • Email Misdelivery Protection (formerly Guardian): Safeguard against unintentional data disclosures and misdelivery, ensuring sensitive data reaches the right recipients.
  • Email Exfiltration Protection (formerly Enforcer): Bolster your defenses against data leaks and unauthorized information transfer, giving you peace of mind.
With these refined product names and an optimized navigation structure, we're committed to empowering your security administrators, saving valuable time and reducing the risk of email-based breaches within your organization.

Enhanced API for SIEM and SOAR Integrations

With our latest API enhancements, you can now effortlessly pull critical information such as quarantine status, admin label, and deletion counts for inbound emails, and the outcomes of investigations for outbound emails. This means real-time access to email security event data within SIEM and SOAR platforms. 

The update precedes an upcoming enhancement — the ability to delete emails from inboxes directly from SIEM and SOAR platforms via the API. Soon, you’ll be able to release emails from quarantine, add emails to a denylist, and categorize them as safe, spam, or malicious through the APl. Full lifecycle email threat remediation via API will save your security admins time, and keep them within their platform of choice. See our API Documentation for more information.

Investigation and Response – Lightning Search (Beta)

Incidents happen. When security analysts investigate an incident, and have to wait for search results, time is wasted, money is lost, and risk is added. Waiting for email search results to return is painful. Through dozens of searches a day and potentially hundreds per month, the seconds — and in some cases minutes — really add up. Why spend time waiting when you can be threat hunting? 

Lightning Search, currently in beta within our Investigation and Response product, takes waiting out of the equation. We’re already seeing sub 1 second response times when searching across millions of emails. 

Updates to Risk Hub (Now Coach)

This upgrade is designed to elevate your security posture by providing more accurate risk scores for users and departments, encompassing both inbound and outbound email security events. By offering a holistic view of user and departmental risk across inbound and outbound email security events, the updated Risk Hub equips your organization with the knowledge needed to make informed security decisions.

Emma Huez