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Here’s What’s Happening at our SIXTH Human Layer Security Summit on Nov 4th

  • By Andrew Webb
  • 14 October 2021

Tessian Cloud Email Security intelligently prevents advanced email threats and protects against data loss, to strengthen email security and build smarter security cultures in modern enterprises.

November 4th sees Tessian’s sixth Human Layer Security Summit. Nearly 3000 people tuned in to our last summit in June, and the event is rapidly establishing itself as an industry ‘must attend’. 


We started our flagship event summits with one goal in mind, to bring security leaders together to network, share learnings and discuss a new wave of security that is ‘Human First’. This Fall summit will be our biggest and best yet, and is packed with the latest insights from industry experts, all in just a few hours. 


If you’ve not already reserved your place, do it now, because here’s what’s packed into just three hours on November 4th.

🎣 Fighting Phishing: Everything We Learned From Analyzing 2 Million Malicious Emails


Unless you’ve been at the beach this past month, you can’t have failed to notice Tessian’s recent Spear Phishing Threat Landscape 2021 report based on two million emails flagged by Tessian Defender as malicious. 


Tessian’s CISO, Josh Yavor, is joined by two industry experts; James McQuiggan, Security Awareness Advocate at KnowBe4, and Jason Lang, from TrustedSec. Together they’ll dig into the report’s findings in greater detail, and identify the what, how, who, why, and when of today’s spear phishing landscape. 


If you can only make one session, make it this one. 


Human Layer Security Summit – Head shots of the speakers


 🏗 How to Build A High-Impact Security Culture For ‘Oh Sh*t’ Moments


 You don’t have a cybersecurity issue… until you do. At Tessian, we call that an ‘Oh Sh*t’ moment.


 Kim Burton, Security Education InfoSec Manager Cisco, details how the right culture in your company can help stop that from ever happening. She’ll explain how to create and enable a positive security culture so you can help people sort through information and be confident in their approach to security. 


The result: your people become your greatest asset, and develop, as Kim puts it, a security spider sense! 



Human Layer Security Summit – Head shots of the speakers

🤖 Threats Of The Future Are Here: Hacking Humans with AI-as-a-Service


These days you can get seemingly everything as a service, and that includes Ai. Ed Bishop, our co-founder and CTO, discusses this new threat with the team from GovTech Singapore. Eugene Lim, Glenice Tan, Tan Kee Hock and Timothy Lee explain how their latest research repurposed easily-accessible personality analysis AIaaS products to generate persuasive phishing emails.


The emails were automatically personalized based on a target’s social media information and created by state-of-the-art natural language generators. The results mean that even low-skilled, limited resource actors could use these methods to execute effective AI-assisted phishing campaigns at scale.


And as Wired reported, an AI wrote better phishing emails than humans in a recent test. This is sure to be a fascinating technical session, so book your place now and learn how to protect your organisation from these emerging threats. 


Human Layer Security Summit – Head shots of the speakers

😩 DLP Has Failed The Enterprise. What Now?


Look someone has to say it… Legacy DLP solutions are complex, have limited visibility, give you a constant headache with false positives, and users hate it. And don’t get us started on the ROI… 


In this session you’ll hear from leading experts including not-for-profit health care provider, PeaceHealth, on why now is the time to rip and replace your DLP solution. 



Human Layer Security Summit – Head shots of the speakers

👮Why Human Layer Security is the Missing Link in Enterprise Security 


We’re thrilled to have guest speaker, Jess Burn, from Forrester joining us to offer up her insights on why human layer security is the missing link for Enterprises. She’ll offer her insights on what the top priorities for Enterprise Security and Risk Management leaders over the next 12 months, as well as tell us how Human Layer Security fits into the wider tech stack solutions. Jess brings with her a wealth of experience as a senior analyst at Forrester serving security and risk professionals. Hosted by Henry Trevelyan Thomas, VP of Customer Success at Tessian.  


Human Layer Security Summit – Head shots of the speakers



💭 Security Philosophies from Trailblazers; Q&A with leading CISOs


Closing out our summit, Tim Sadler, CEO and Co-Founder of Tessian, invites two security heavyweights center stage to discuss their guiding philosophies that have led them to security success in their organizations. 


With decades of experience between them, Jerry Perullo (CISO, ICE NYSE) and DJ Goldsworthy (Director, Aflac) will discuss how they position security as a value driver, not a cost-center in their orgs, and how they keep their teams innovating and approaching security creatively to build agile models. 



Human Layer Security Summit – Head shots of the speakers

So what are you waiting for?


That’s a pretty awesome schedule full of world-class insights, advice, and experience from experts who’ve secured their people and business against attacks. We believe learning directly from others experiences’ is the best way to drive the security industry forward, so our aim is to bring as many diverse speakers together. The only thing missing is you. 

Andrew Webb Senior Content Manager