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Life at Tessian

A decade in the making, but the best is yet to come.

by Tim Sadler Tuesday, February 28th, 2023

January 2023 was a special month for us here at Tessian.

We celebrated our 10th birthday and we also brought together over 200 Tessians in person for the first time ever for our company kick-off (CKO) in London. It was a humbling moment and a great reminder of how far we’ve come from the days of building Tessian v1 in our first HQ (which was also our living room) and cold emailing thousands of people a week trying to get anyone to take a meeting with us. 

With a more distributed team than we’ve ever had before, we thought it was really important to get everyone together in person to celebrate the wins of the past year and set the course for our ambitious 2023 plans. You can see a video reel of the event above, but I wanted to share three of my highlights.

Sharing the journey with an incredible team.

It’s said so often that it’s almost cliche but when building a startup, you live and die by the strength of your team. Having everyone all together for the first time since 2019 was a reminder of the incredible passion, talent and shared sense of mission that we all have at Tessian. 

Appreciating the scale of what you’ve built.

When you’ve been building for 10 years, it’s easy to lose track of the progress you’ve made over time. This hit home when we reflected on preventing hundreds of thousands of data breaches and security threats and, on our busiest days, processing more than 1,400 transactions per second for our customers. 

Hearing your customers tell you the impact you’re having for them.

We invited several Tessian customers from the US and UK to share their stories and experiences with our team. Maurice Tunney (Director of Technology & Innovation at Keystone Law) became a Tessian customer just over a year ago and in that time Tessian has stopped 33 account takeover attacks, any one of which, in Maurice’s words, “could have shut the business down”. Having customers who care so much about your product that they take time out of their schedule to join your company kick-off and share why you’re such a critical part of their security technology stack is an incredible reminder of the impact our technology is having and the importance of our mission.

Tessian may be a decade in the making, but the best is yet to come and we have an exhilarating year ahead. If you’re interested in joining our mission and being there for next year’s CKO, please check out our open roles here.

Tim Sadler Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder