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A fresh new look for a world in need of Intelligent Cloud Email Security

adrian • Wednesday, November 9th 2022
A fresh new look for a world in need of Intelligent Cloud Email Security

Tessian Cloud Email Security intelligently prevents advanced email threats and protects against data loss, to strengthen email security and build smarter security cultures in modern enterprises.

When you visit Tessian’s website, download a piece of content or see our social media channels you will notice something different. We have redesigned our brand with one thing in mind, our customers. We have focused our brand to reflect what we do best and that is to protect you and your people. At Tessian, we understand the importance of helping you protect your organization from advanced cyber threats such as business email compromise ransomware while also ensuring we stop insider risks, whether accidental or malicious over email. We place this responsibility in the highest regard.

Intelligence at the very core

With all of this in mind, we wanted to create a brand that reflects the trust you place in us and is guided by the values we at Tessian represent.

A brand that is:

  • At the highest degree of Intelligence, where we focus on high value security technology that solves hard problems
  • Customer centric because we know you and your people need intelligent technology that is focused on protecting, together.
  • On the front line of intelligently protecting organizations and users with the latest in technology.

The Tessian Cloud Email Security Platform utilizes unparalleled behavioral intelligence to stop the attacks that could hurt you the most.

Tessian prevents attacks from coming into the inbox while protecting against intentional and accidental data loss over email by leveraging behavioral intelligence modeling. Because of this deep behavioral understanding, we can predict the right decisions each person should make when interacting with email and intervene to protect your users and your organization from email-based threats.

Because Intelligence comes in all shapes and sizes

Tessian’s brand had to represent not only the high levels of intelligence our products offer but also represent the people that interact with our products. The visual language we have created is more serious, more aligned with the industry we’re in, and gives a clear message of how our products work to protect you. We have delivered a new look and feel and a website to reflect our primary focus.

We want our customers and partners to be able to find and recognize Tessian when they need to. For Tessian to break through the noise, it was time to come out of our shell and emphasize the capabilities we provide and the values we stand for. Make no mistake, our technology is differentiated and complete – Cloud Email Security which is unmatched at protecting you against cyber attacks, bar none.

Taking a deeper look

A large part of any brand is the visual identity it encapsulates for the company, and the way its products are perceived by those who experience it. We wanted to achieve a brand that was ‘FWD:Thinking’ (also the name of our recent security summit), reflecting the ever changing attack landscape our customers live in and one that stays front of mind for those that we protect.


We started with looking at the foundations of our new brand. The most important part was to ensure we could communicate our solutions through our imagery. We decided to utilize hexagons for two reasons: Firstly they convey strength. Secondly, Tessian is built on six values; each side represents one of our values.

Placing a person behind a frosted glass demonstrates the true nature to how our solutions work, keeping you safe from cyberattacks and attackers at bay. The same tile allows Tessian to see right through and see the attacks which otherwise would have been hidden from view.

Furthermore, we often combine this visual device with an example of a suspect email, demonstrating how our behavioral intelligence sees its true nature. Various triggers are called out as Tessian , identifies and analyzes behaviors and highlights threat signals, coming together to drive an unparalleled level of intelligence.


You will also see customer iconography across our new website and assets. Each icon represents different areas of the product from behavioral intelligence to preventative capabilities. Each icon holds its own place in telling the Tessian story.


Darker tones and more harmonious colors are now utilized in our new color palette. We wanted a color palette that you can relate to while feeling assured, yet also colors that appear serious but still approachable. We can distinguish between good and bad by using a straightforward red and blue combination, which we will then emphasize with a simple white and gray background.

Finally, the keen eyed among you might even notice a subtle difference in our logo. While we wanted to keep the identity our logo gives us, we also wanted it to reflect the sharpness we have in detecting and preventing cyber-attacks.

Our mission to Secure the Human Layer

Gartner stated in the 2021 Market Guide for Email Security that customers are now looking for solutions that integrate directly into cloud email via an API, rather than as a gateway and that a behavioral approach is needed for both threat protection and data protection on email.

That’s why we’re building intelligent security that works for human beings as they are, not how security policies would like them to be. Using machine learning technology, Tessian automatically predicts and eliminates advanced threats on email caused by human error – like data exfiltration, accidental data loss, business email compromise and phishing attacks – with minimal disruption to employees’ workflow. As a result, employees are empowered by security.

Our new brand encompasses our mission and approach to security, however since the company started we never shy away from the hard problems to solve. We put our customers’ problems at the heart of everything we do and intelligently solve them.