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Data Loss Prevention in Healthcare: A Serious Business

Tuesday, June 11th 2019
Data Loss Prevention in Healthcare: A Serious Business

Tessian Cloud Email Security intelligently prevents advanced email threats and protects against data loss, to strengthen email security and build smarter security cultures in modern enterprises.

Laya Healthcare members have access to some of the most innovative health insurance benefits and services in the Irish health insurance market. Working with over half a million customers, its brand promise, Looking After You Always, represents laya healthcare’s member-centric approach, which is fundamental to its vision and values. Part of global insurer AIG since 2015, Laya healthcare also offers life and travel insurance policies.

Laya Healthcare is protecting 550 employees with Tessian Guardian.

“Insurance professionals can only succeed if they have modern systems that enable timely and effective delivery of care. Tessian is a fantastic tool for enabling that fluidity of communication across the organization.”
Ian Brennan Director of IT

Security in healthcare: a serious business

Health insurance is an intensely specialized industry and can be fragmented from a technology perspective. Significant amounts of information are constantly transferred between different practitioners, hospitals, other insurers and partner organizations.

As one of Ireland’s largest health providers, Laya healthcare deals with extremely sensitive information. Ian Brennan, Director of IT at laya healthcare, and his team go above and beyond to ensure human error doesn’t contribute to breaches or put individuals’ data at risk.

Ian is responsible for overseeing Laya healthcare’s security and privacy. Analysing their security data, he established that particular email productivity functions like Autocomplete were actually contributing to errors being made by people.

As Ian says, “We always want to save our team time, but unfortunately there are negative consequences to these efficiency-led features too.”

Ian needed to find a way to eradicate the possibility of these errors without disrupting employees’ productivity on email.

“With Tessian, it does exactly what it says on the tin. It sits quietly in the background when everything’s OK, and it flags any potential incidents immediately to the end user, who is best placed to know if the email is OK or if they need to change what they were doing.”
Ian Brennan Director of IT

Minimizing disruption for the workforce

Laya healthcare’s existing Data Loss Prevention tool was catching most mistakes being made by people on email. However, certain limitations meant that Ian was looking for a more intelligent solution that learned from users’ behaviour, and which required minimal time investment from the IT department.

In Ian’s experience, “there are a million tools that say they’ll do exactly what I need. But if I need a performant product that runs unobtrusively when it’s not doing its job, there aren’t many solutions that really fit the bill.

Ian is sensitive to the knock-on effects on his IT team when software doesn’t work as intended. Since Tessian deployed the Guardian product for Laya healthcare, it has needed minimal “care and feeding”, as Ian says, requiring no IT input to make sure Guardian was learning as expected. This freed his team up to tackle higher-value work. “I’ve seen very few products as light on IT admin as Tessian.”

“We have a strong information security culture, and we have to have the best software to help us maintain our high level of performance.”
Ian Brennan Director of IT

Moving beyond rule-based systems

Ian was eager to take advantage of Tessian’s ability to learn from employees’ behaviours, identifying which email conversations were ‘business as usual’ and which emails needed flagging.

Ian is confident that leveraging Tessian’s machine learning will reduce overhead for his team and the wider business in the coming years. “As rule-based systems expand in complexity, the maintenance and service requirements often increase too. We anticipate that Tessian will scale much more smoothly.”

Insurance companies are confronting a changing security climate. “People are now much more switched on to their rights as individuals, and security risks are always evolving too.” Tessian and laya healthcare will continue to work closely together in the coming months and years, helping eradicate human errors on email and helping laya healthcare members get the topclass service they deserve.

Learn more about how Tessian prevents human error on email

Tessian is building the world’s first Human Layer Security platform to automatically secure all human-digital interactions within the enterprise. Today, our filters use stateful machine learning to protect people using email and to prevent threats like spear phishing, accidental data loss, data exfiltration and other non-compliant email activity. To book a demo and learn more about how we can help your organization, click here.

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