Preventing Accidental and Deliberate Data Loss

  • 11 April 2019

For half a century, Caplin & Drysdale has been a leading provider of a full range of tax, tax controversy, and related legal services to companies, organizations, and individuals around the world.

Caplin & Drysdale is protecting employees with Tessian Guardian, Tessian Enforcer and Tessian Constructor.

“It just works … it is the only tool I’ve implemented that has had nothing but a positive response from lawyers.”
Ed Terry Manager of Information Services

The firm needed an intelligent solution that would satisfy client data protection requirements and protect against deliberate and accidental data leaks. The firm’s lawyers were worried that introducing new data loss solutions into their workflow would be too disruptive, and therefore it was important to find an unobtrusive solution.

Caplin & Drysdale now has the ability to prevent confidential information from being lost through email. The Tessian platform has been working in the background to prevent against both accidental and intentional data loss. Tessian’s Guardian module provides protection in terms of accidentally misdirected emails, and Tessian Enforcer ensures that employees are not sending sensitive information to unauthorized personal email addresses.