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Product Update: Enhanced Security Event Filtering and Reporting

Tessian • Thursday, September 22nd 2022
Product Update: Enhanced Security Event Filtering and Reporting

Tessian Cloud Email Security intelligently prevents advanced email threats and protects against data loss, to strengthen email security and build smarter security cultures in modern enterprises.

Our latest product update for our Advanced Email Threat Prevention module, Tessian Defender, improves the efficiency of security event filtering through new and easy-to-navigate event filters. We have also improved malicious email reporting, resulting in improvements to our detection efficacy.

New and enhanced filters for more efficient event filtering

The enhanced event filtering interface will improve confidence and control for security admin using Tessian’s portal. It enables security admins to  efficiently filter and find security events, enabling security teams to respond faster.

New and enhanced security event filtering 

Some of the new and enhanced filters include:

  • Original filter location: Folder location of the email at the time of delivery to the end-user’s mailbox.
  • Attachment filter: Contains attachments or not.
  • Phishing simulation filtering: To exclude/include phishing simulations.
  • Confidence level filtering: To filter on high/medium/low confidence interval events.

Improved end-user reporting capability

Improvements to malicious email reporting will further improve the ability to recall malicious emails from inboxes, as well as improving detection efficacy. After a security admin reports a malicious email, future emails that share the same characteristics will automatically be quarantined in the portal – reducing cyber risk.

Enhanced end-user malicious email labeling and reporting capability

Why these updates matter: Quicker response time and improved detection efficacy

In a hypothetical example of attempted Account Takeover (ATO), Tessian will flag suspicious emails as potentially malicious. After receiving an alert, security admins using the Tessian Cloud Email Security Platform, analyze all suspicious emails marked with a high degree of confidence and take appropriate action. 

The new event filtering capability further speeds up this process, enabling security admins to filter all the security events by event type, confidence level, user response and quarantine status, while also allowing security admins to exclude events classified for example as phishing simulations – improving response times.  

The new labeling feature incentivizes customers to report malicious emails. This, in turn, improves the detection efficacy of the platform’s algorithms with each reported email. 

Every minute counts to reducing cyber risk

Time is of the essence in triaging security events on email. Our engineering teams are working relentlessly to cut response times and give time back to security teams. These latest product updates do just that, enabling our customers to reduce the time spent on event triaging while also improving detection efficacy.

To see how the Tessian Cloud Email Security platform intelligently prevents ransomware attacks, and protects against data loss, watch a product overview video or book a demo.

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