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Integrated Cloud Email Security

Product Update: Enhanced Event Triage to Speed Up Detection and Response to Malicious Emails

by Swati Aggarwal Thursday, September 1st, 2022

Tessian Cloud Email Security intelligently prevents advanced email threats and protects against data loss, to strengthen email security and build smarter security cultures in modern enterprises.

Introducing our latest product update, designed to improve security event triaging efficiencies for security admins using the advanced email threat prevention module, Tessian Defender, in the Tessian portal. 


The enhanced event triage update not only provides security admins with greater control and confidence in preventing advanced threats coming into corporate inboxes, but it also gives valuable time back to security teams.


How does it work? 


When Tessian flags an email as potentially malicious, security admins quickly analyze the email within the Tessian portal. After analyzing the email, they can assess whether the email is malicious or not. If the email is deemed safe, the security admin can release it to all of the end-user’s inboxes with a single click and if it’s malicious, they can delete the email from the end-user’s quarantine as well as delete the released copy from the user’s inbox with a single click. As a result, security teams can significantly reduce the risk of an end-user interacting with a malicious email. 


This capability extends to bulk remediation of large scale phishing attacks – a.k.a. burst attacks – that affect multiple end-users.

New and enhanced event triaging capability

The update builds on our previous update which improved the visibility for security admins to view the full body of flagged emails and label workflow.

Greater efficiency and control for the Security Operations Center


Triaging security incidents on email is a time intensive task. In fact, research shows security teams that rely on legacy email security software spend as much as 9-12 hours detecting and responding to each email security incident. 


With this latest product update in the Tessian portal, our customers are able to cut the time spent on event triaging down to minutes, significantly reducing the risk of an end-user engaging with a malicious email and reducing the administrative burden for security admins

Every one of our product updates are part of our continuous effort to improve the experience we provide our customers and give security teams peace of mind and confidence in their email security solution. 

To see how the Tessian Cloud Email Security platform intelligently prevents ransomware attacks, and protects against data loss, watch a product overview video or book a demo.

Swati Aggarwal Group Product Manager