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Watch Again: Fwd: Thinking – The Intelligent Security Summit

Andrew Webb • Thursday, October 27th 2022
Watch Again: Fwd: Thinking – The Intelligent Security Summit

If you missed Fwd: Thinking – The Intelligent Security Summit, don’t worry. We have every session available on demand right here. You can also watch past sessions of previous Tessian summits over on our knowledge hub.

Five Email Security Stats You Don’t Already Know (But Wish You Did)

The summit kicked off with Tessian’s John Filitz in conversation with Ram Ganeshanathan — VP of Enterprise Security at Arm, and Anuj Tewari, CISO at  TMF Group. Together they discussed the findings from our latest State of Email Security Report, comprising global research into email security trends for 2022. The panel then revealed where your focus should be as we head toward 2023.


The Growing Threat of Impersonation and Account Takeover Attacks

Impersonation and Account Takeover (ATO) attacks are the leading threat vectors that result in Business Email Compromise (BEC) and represent among the greatest cybersecurity threats to enterprises. In this session, Tessian’s Paul Laudanski is joined by David Kennedy – CEO and Ethical Hacker at TrustedSec, James Fernley –  Head of IT Security, BDO UK, and Jason Thomas — CIO, Cole, Scott and Kissane for a lively discussion on the growing threat of account takeover attacks, and how to mitigate them. 


Making the Case for Cybersecurity Spend? What’s the risk really worth?

We need to talk about risk. And you can’t talk about risk without talking about spending. It’s a fact that as companies think about growing efficiently, security is often bumped down the agenda. Nate Tombs, CISO at Man Group, Marco Garcia, Field CTO at Torq and Tessian‘s Josh Yavor explore how to prioritize cyber risk as a business risk and explain how to demonstrate ROI so that all business leaders can speak the same language and avoid that worst case scenario.

Isn’t Security Everyone’s Responsibility? 

Fact: Your end users don’t really care about cybersecurity. Our recent Security Cultures report found that 1 in 3 workers do not think they play a role in maintaining their company’s cybersecurity posture while only 36% say they’re paying full attention to security awareness training. Ash Hunt – Group Head of Information Security at Sanne Group, Imraan Dawood – Information Security Officer, Investec and Tessian’s Kim Burton take a look at why this is and what a better approach to building a stronger security culture looks like.


Lessons Learned on the journey to a Machine Learning Platform

Tessian is built on machine learning and artificial intelligence. In this session, Daniel Linder — Senior Director of Data Science at Tessian, takes you on the journey of building a Machine Learning system in the InfoSec world. You’ll also get to peek behind the curtain into building and scaling a team of data scientists and engineers, as well as some practical tips on how to apply machine learning  in ways that are most impactful now, and not in 10 years’ time.



How to Survive and Thrive in Cybersecurity

Finally, we were delighted to welcome our keynote speaker and guest, Helen Rabe, CISO at the BBC. Large enterprises like the BBC are high-value targets for attackers, in this wide-ranging talk, Helen explains her approach to cybersecurity and details what it takes to be a successful and savvy security leader. 


To see how Tessian prevents ransomware attacks, and protects against DLP, watch a product overview video or book a demo.

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Andrew Webb Senior Content Manager