Proactively Protecting Customer Data

  • 11 April 2019

Armstrong Watson have been supporting, advising and protecting clients across the North of England and Scotland for over 150 years, providing a full range of unbiased specialist services and financial advice to businesses. The firm provides invaluable advice to companies operating across a range of sectors, and as such requires that client data be handled with discretion.

Armstrong Watson is protecting employees with Tessian Guardian and Tessian Constructor.

“The Tessian platform was incredibly easy to implement and has provided us with our quickest GDPR win to-date.”
Toby Woodhead Solution Architect

Having curated a loyal customer base of trusting clients, Armstrong Watson were keen to proactively protect customer data. After identifying misaddressed emails as a key risk vector, the firm set out to find an intelligent solution to secure their clients’ data and ensure compliance with GDPR. Armstrong Watson chose Tessian to help mitigate the risk of misaddressed emails as it is simple to install and offers seamless protection, while also allowing employees to communicate unimpeded.

The platform’s logging and auditing features also allow the firm to prove diligence, and demonstrate that appropriate organisational and technical measures are being taken to prevent data loss as required by the GDPR. The rigour and efficiency of Tessian’s client support team provided the firm with additional value and peace of mind.