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Defining Customer-First Culture with Email Security

Sunday, November 10th 2019
Defining Customer-First Culture with Email Security

Tessian Cloud Email Security intelligently prevents advanced email threats and protects against data loss, to strengthen email security and build smarter security cultures in modern enterprises.

Webb Henderson are trusted legal and regulatory advisors, delivering intelligent advice and business solutions throughout the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. The firm provides specialist legal advice in the areas of telecoms and media, competition law and regulation, corporate and finance, and disputes. Webb Henderson operates through its offices in Sydney and Auckland, serving clients domestically and globally from these locations.

Webb Henderson is protecting 100 employees with Tessian Guardian, and Tessian Enforcer.

“Most of the DLP solutions on the market don’t work well in the context of unstructured data, so having a more intelligent solution became very relevant for us.”
Ara Margossian Technology and Security Strategy Partner

Securing data and protecting customers

As the partner responsible for Webb Henderson’s technology and security strategy, Ara Margossian believes that staying ahead of constantly changing threats is a principal security challenge for the firm: “Supply chain security has become a fundamental requirement for our clients, particularly those operating in sensitive industries and highly regulated sectors. Our clients are having very specific discussions with us about our security posture and data protection strategies. It’s never been more important that the work that we undertake for our clients is kept confidential and secure.”

With clients increasingly seeing security as a top priority, it was important for Webb Henderson to ensure that their own security strategy was taking advantage of market-leading solutions.

One of the biggest security risks that law firms like Webb Henderson face is the possibility of sensitive client information being exfiltrated to unauthorized recipients. Law firms primarily deal with unstructured data, making it difficult to solve the problem with rules-based Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions.

The firm needed a product that would ensure Webb Henderson’s clients’ confidential data remained secure, which is what led the firm to Tessian.

“Security products should only be seen when there is a security issue, while also playing a role in better educating users about security risks. With Tessian, we can be confident that employees won’t see notifications unless it really matters.”
Ara Margossian Technology and Security Strategy Partner

Seamless integration into a layered system

One of the firm’s top considerations when deciding to move forward was the intuitive nature of Tessian’s notifications and a positive user experience for employees.

For Webb Henderson, it was important that any new technology was integrated smoothly so that the firm’s lawyers could focus on their work, rather than being distracted by new workflows and unfamiliar systems. With a low false-positive rate and minimal maintenance requirements, Tessian was a good fit with Webb Henderson’s firm’s objective of balancing the need for user education and visibility with the need for security to be robust and as unobtrusive as possible.

An evolving partnership

Tessian now forms part of Webb Henderson’s multi-layered approach to security and provides greater insight and control in relation to the risks faced by the firm from email communications.

Using machine learning to anticipate and react to risky behaviors in real time has made a real difference for Webb Henderson. Tessian’s Guardian and Enforcer filters now play a critical role in the firm’s security stack, while Tessian Constructor is being used to add a further layer of protection.

With clients increasingly challenging the legal sector on data protection and cybersecurity, Tessian and Webb Henderson plan to continue to work together to mitigate risks that arise from human error to ensure the security and safety of Webb Henderson’s data and its reputation.

Learn more about how Tessian prevents human error on email

Tessian is building the world’s first Human Layer Security platform to automatically secure all human-digital interactions within the enterprise. Today, our filters use stateful machine learning to protect people using email and to prevent threats like spear phishing, accidental data loss, data exfiltration and other non-compliant email activity. To book a demo and learn more about how we can help your organization, click here.


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