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200 Reasons to Love Tessian

Andrew Webb • Thursday, September 23rd 2021
200 Reasons to Love Tessian

Tessian Cloud Email Security intelligently prevents advanced email threats and protects against data loss, to strengthen email security and build smarter security cultures in modern enterprises.

September 2021 saw us welcome our 200th Tessian employee 🙌. That’s some milestone, and quite a journey from where Tim, Ed, and Tom started back in 2013. Back then, after graduating from Imperial College, they quit their jobs in finance, and worked out of an apartment to develop what would go on to become Guardian, the first of our products.

Along the way there’ve been some incredible stories and amazing highs, which we know wouldn’t be possible without our people. One thing we were sure of from the start is that we wanted our company culture to be much more than ‘beers and ping pong’ (though we have those too 🏓🍺). To achieve that we’ve designed a comprehensive package and onboarding process that helps all Tessians do their best work.

Because our mission is one of critical importance: Tessian Cloud Email Security intelligently prevents advanced email threats and protects against data loss, to strengthen email security and build smarter security cultures in modern enterprises.

All of this combined makes Tessian one of the best places to work in the industry. So to mark the arrival of our 200th team member, we asked the other 199 Tessians around the globe what they love about working here, here’s what they had to say…

1: We leading an entirely new category: Intelligent Cloud Email Security

2: Our ‘choice first’ working policy lets employees work remotely, in the office, or hybrid.

3: We’re one of the top 3 medium sized companies in the UK’s Best Workplaces™ for Women for 2021.

4: We raised $42m in our Series B fundraise, 

5: and $65m in our Series C fundraise.

6: …and even more in our Series C extension.

200 reasons to love Tessian

7: Our investors include Sequoia,

8: …and Accel,

9: …and March Capital,

10: …and Balderton,

11: …and Sozo Ventures,

12: …and Okta Ventures,

13: …and Citi Ventures.

14: We’ve received a lot of analyst recognition.

15: We use rigorous salary benchmarking to ensure we pay our Tessians fairly.

16: Every employee gets shares in the company.

17: You’ll work with experts in machine learning and engineering.

18: Our flagship event, Human Layer Security Summit, is a must for industry trailblazers.

19: We were included in the Cyber Defense Awards for Next-Gen Email Security.

20: In a 12-month period, we stopped nearly two million malicious emails that slipped past our customers’ SEGs.

Fig the dog in our office - 200 reasons to love Tessian

21: Our offices are dog friendly (this is Fig). 

22: Our Glassdoor company rating is 4.6 stars.

23: Our Glassdoor CEO approval rating is 96%.

24: And finally our Glassdoor ‘recommend to a friend’ score is 90%.

25: Our product roadmap is clear (and disruptive!)

26: Every Tessian attends in-depth DEI training to promote deep commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Tessian and beyond.

27: In July and August we have “Refreshian Summer”, paid days off to enjoy the sunshine

28: Our customer base includes some of the world’s biggest and most innovative organizations, including Arm,

29: …and Schroders,

30: …and Cordaan.

31: You can bring your whole self to work.

32: We take mental health seriously, and offer support instantly via Spill.

33: Tessian Guardian is the only solution in the market that can prevent mis-attached files and misdirected emails.

34: We have offices in Boston, MA,

35: …and Austin, TX,

36: …and London,

37: …and more hubs coming soon!

38: All of which means you get to travel (if you want…)

 39: You’ll have the chance to mentor local students with our ‘1 hour’ program.

40: We were named a “Cool Vendor in Cloud Office Security” by Gartner.

Our Cats of Tessian Slack Channel - 200 reasons to love Tessian

41: We have a cats-of-Tessian slack channel 🐈. 

42: Every Friday, lunch is on us with Feedr or other platform – we call it Taste of Tessian.

43: Our ‘House’ system teams you up with people across the global business (who doesn’t love a bit of friendly competition?)

44: Don’t want any meetings? Don’t worry! Log off Slack for some Daily Deep Work.

45: We’re committed to closing the skills and gender gap in cybersecurity.

46: We’ve been known to host pretty epic social events, and teams have a monthly budget to spend. Some examples include whale watching…

47: …and canal cruises,

48: … and sheep meditation,

49: …and sushi-making classes 🍣.

50: Tessian Defender stops spear phishing, Business Email Compromise (BEC), and Account Takeover (ATO)

51: We have great pension plans 

52: We have tons of staff community groups, including Plus, an LGBTQ+ network, and Tes-She-An, a space created to support Tessians who identify as women

53: Every year, we host a company-wide summer party

54: Our developers have autonomy to create and steer their own products (with some product input…)

55: We offer private medical insurance in the UK,

56: …and health insurance in the US, 

57: …and medical insurance for our employees everywhere else.

58: Want to see the world? You can work abroad for up to 30 days.

59: Tessian integrates with Outlook,

60: …and Gmail,

61: …and Microsoft 365.

62: We host Industry experts on our podcast, RE: Human Layer Security.

63: Hungry? We have a huge range of healthy snacks and drinks in our staff kitchens…

64: …and on Thursdays a big (vegan) cake, because everyone likes cake right?

Tessian Thursday cake - 200 reasons to love Tessian

65: We solve problems that have real-world implications for real people.

66: You’ll get massive discounts through our Classpass gym membership.

67: If someone you refer makes it to a first round interview you get $150,

68: …and if they are successfully hired, you get $3650 🤑.

69: Our Donut ‘get to know’ program randomly pairs you with someone new every two weeks, so you get to know people outside your own team or region.

70: You’ll be a part of a great team, all driven by the same mission: to secure the human layer.

71: We have monthly TES talks from employees on a range of topics.

72: We’re Cyber Essentials Certified,

73: …and Cyber Essentials Certified Plus,

74: …and a part of the AWS Partner Network.

75: We have a superb onboarding program via Enboarder.

76: Our AI/ML helps automate process and reduce admin overhead for our customers’ IT teams.

77: We offer a cycle to work scheme 🚲, 

78: …and our London office has a secure bike rack, lockers and showers.

79: Employees get 25 vacation days a year,

80: …with an extra day for every year worked up to 30 days in total…

81: …with bank holidays/nationally observed holidays on top of that!

82: We were named Best AI and Deep Tech Company in the VIVA Technology Awards.

83: You can get your eyes tested for free 👀.

84: Fancy some footy? Our London team has 5-(sometimes more)-a-side weekly football games.

85: We have high quality hardware for your home office and in the office.

86: We support future leaders by helping every Tessian create a tailored growth plan for their career development. 

87: We have team members across 9+ different countries.

88: We have our ISO 27001 UKAS…

98: …and SOC2,

100: …and SOC3.

101: We host epic ping pong tournaments.

102: The feedback we get via Peakon helps guide the business.

103: Wear what you want! We don’t have a dress code policy.

104: We were included in the Sunday Times Fast Track 100: Fast Growing Tech Companies 2020.

105: Once hired, you’ll receive a welcome pack that includes tons of swag like socks…

106: …and a T-shirt,

107: …and a water bottle, 

108: …and a backpack.

Tessian swag - 200 reasons to love Tessian

109: We don’t just prevent data breaches, we prevent embarrassing mistakes on email, too.

110: We have a clear path for our engineers to progress in their career.

111: We’re guided by six values, including…

112: …Craft at Speed,

113: …Grit and Perseverance,

114: …We do the Right Thing,

115: …Human First,

116: …Customer Centricity,

117: …Positive Mindset. Solution Oriented.

118: And every quarter, we ask Tessians to nominate Values Champions.

119: We were included in Forrester’s Now Tech: Enterprise Email Security Providers report in Q3 2020.

120: Tessian Human Layer Security Intelligence integrates with SIEM/SOARS including Splunk,

121: …and LogRhythm,

122: …and Fortinet,

123: …and Alien Vault,

124: …and Azure Sentinel,

125: …and IBM QRadar,

126: …and Exabeam,

127: …and Rapid7,

128: …and Securonix,

129: …and RSA Security,

130: We’re committed to helping our customers meet their compliance needs.

131: We’ve built detailed growth frameworks for each role so your path to a promotion is clear.

132: New to the company? Have lunch with your team on us (virtually or IRL).

133: We have a culture that’s very accepting of new ideas, regardless of how junior or senior you are.

134: We recently launched our Partner Program to help us connect with more organizations across NAMER and EMEA.

135: We solve problems together and ask what WE can do to fix a problem.

136: Our senior management is very accessible.

137: We host a bi-weekly all-hands to make sure everyone is connected and informed.

138: Everyone gets a Macbook Air, or Macbook Pro if you’re in engineering.

139: Your manager will create a clear 30, 60 and 90 day plan when you start to set you up for success.

140: We’re a technology company that actually uses technology and apps to streamline and improve our processes.

141: Every day, employees shout about others good work via kudos.

142: The environment is fast-paced.

143: We have very little red tape.

143: We have a beer fridge in the kitchen…

144: … and our own beer!

Tessian Beer - 200 reasons to love Tessian

145: Our products reduce friction between security teams and the rest of the company.

146: We have a culture that promotes experimentation.

147: Our product and engineering teams have a healthy obsession with our customers.

148: We took care of our people during and after the pandemic with an allowance that helped everyone get their home offices set-up.

149: You’ll work with ​​smart, bright, and professional people.

150: Our platform reduces data exfiltration by 84%+.

151: With Tessian, click through rate on phishing emails drops below 5%.

152: Tessian deploys in minutes.

153: The ROI of Tessian is easy to prove.

154: Our Human Layer Risk Hub is the only solution that offers protection, training, and risk analytics all in one platform.

155: We know that cybersecurity is a team sport.

156: Our threat intelligence team helps keep our customers safe and reports on trends.

157: Each person gets a generous allowance for learning and development every year.

158: We have a company culture that promotes productive feedback.

159: We’ve had some of the biggest names in the industry join us for events and on our podcast, including,

160: …Lena Smart, CISO @ MongoDB,

161: …Nuno Teodoro, Cybersecurity Officer @ Huawei,

162: …Bobby Ford, CISO @ HP,

163: …Howard Shultz, Former CEO @ Starbucks,

164: …and Stephane Kasriel, Former CEO @ Upwork.

165: All three of the founders are accessible.

166: Our CEO holds regular office hours.

167: There are several book clubs you can join.

168: Upon joining, every employee shares a fun fact about themselves. You’ll be working with,

169: …A chess champion,

170: …The grandson of the man who designed the locks on the gates of Buckingham Palace,

171: …A published author,

172: …A former Olympic ballgirl,

173: …A movie extra,

174: …And someone who’s climbed Mount Rainier!

200 reasons to love Tessian

175: Our products prevent “Oh Sh*t” moments like data exfiltration, accidental data loss, and spear phishing.

176: Our Global Leadership Team was designed to empower and inspire every employee at Tessian to achieve their potential.

177: Our customers influence the product.

178: You’ll have the opportunity to build something new and the freedom to define your own methodologies.

179: We live by the motto “It takes a village”

180: We’re guided by 5 Tone of Voice (TOV) principles…

181: …We are helpful,

182: …Self-assured,

183: …Knowledgeable,

184: …Personable,

185: …and Direct.

186: And we host monthly Tone of Voice sessions to help employees across departments improve their writing.

187: We host pub-style quizzes at every Engineering off-site.

188: We encourage our employees to fail fast and iterate.

189: Every new joiner gets a “buddy”.

190: We collectively celebrate promotions.

191: If you’d rather be on your feet, standing desks are an option.

192: Our London office has a meditation pod 🙏

193: We have a board game Slack group and in office game nights (Catan ftw!),

194: Our dataset is really rich, which means our data science and threat intel teams can pull incredible insights.

195: Our support team has a 95% customer satisfaction score.

196: Green fingered? Our London office is full of plants 🪴.

197: We love a good cybersecurity meme.

Tessian Cybermeme - 200 reasons to love Tessian

198: We were named a Representative Vendor in the 2021 Gartner Market Guide for Data Loss Prevention.

199: Our People Team goes above and beyond.

200: And finally, we’re still growing!

Want to be our 201st employee? Check out our open positions now.

2023 note: some of the employee benefits listed above have changed, or been adapted – but it’s still a great place to work.

Andrew Webb Senior Content Manager